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Happiness And Pain

Hello Readers,

We keep reading and being told that every day is a brand new beginning, which of course is true, but for many of us life is not that simple and clear cut. Problems and worries continually keep rolling into weeks, months and even years and every now and again someone or something succeeds in throwing a spanner in the works.  Sometimes it’s as though there is no end in sight because when one lot of problems end, there is a shed load of new ones waiting to greet us, and so the merry go around keeps on spinning around going faster and faster with us wondering how on earth we are ever going to escape all the madness and drama in one piece.

Through my many experiences in this life, one thing I have learned is that thankfully, nothing and no situation can last forever and that nothing can remain the same. But neither can you rush and speed up healing because nature has to take its course and change happens when the time is right. We have difficult lessons to learn when it comes to being patient because stuff happens on a regular basis that tests our patience, tolerance levels and sense of humour that can cause enormous, unwanted amounts of frustration and exhaustion. But take heart, because whatever is meant for you, will not go past you, both the good stuff and the bad stuff. Our lives are governed by the ‘Wheel of Life’ and so what goes up must eventually come down, what goes around comes around. In the meantime, whilst you are still plodding through buckets of treacle, trying to make a living and just getting through a day in one piece, which is more realistic for many of us, if you can find it in your heart to make someone smile again and give them a much needed lift because they are struggling with their own problems and insecurities, then you are indeed a friend in need. Everyone needs love and support at some time and if you have noticed, it’s always the people who are the busiest and who are in the midst of fighting their own battles that somehow make time for others.

Difficult roads often lead to beautiful destinations and everyone wants happiness, no one in their right mind wants pain, but we can’t have a rainbow without a little sunshine and rain.

Until Next Week,

Love and Light,

Linda and The Lulas xxx

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