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Happiness is a Choice

Hello Readers

At sometime we must all take stock and sort our emotional life out. So many people I come into contact with do not seem to realise that happiness is a choice. We can either choose to be happy or choose to remain miserable. Whatever we are currently thinking about, whatever we allow to dominate our thoughts directly affects the way we feel. By changing our thoughts everything around us starts to change and this results in affecting how we feel.

Many remain stuck in their old patterns and habits, because its far easier than making a conscious effort of instigating change. The so called familiarity of living in their comfort zone overflow into their emotions and physical life. Fear of change have them pretending to others and themselves that they are content, when deep down they long to laugh properly and have fun and jolliness in their lives again.

So many people do not realise the importance of having good friends until one day its too late and then too difficult to track those old friends down. Many get so caught up in their own lives that they let golden friendships slip away and fade into the distance and then complain that no one ever visits them or that nobody cares any more.

So many suppress their feelings in order to keep the peace with others. As a result they settle for a mediocre existence and never become who they are truly capable of becoming. We cannot control the reactions of others, however when we do change our behaviour and attitudes others may initially react to us and there are some that wont like the ‘new you’ or the ‘real you’ and there are those who are both relieved and delighted that you have stopped being a people pleaser and have taken the initiative of projecting the new, real, happier you. In other words, the initiative was taken and something positive has evolved as a result.

It is very important to honour some of your dreams along the way. From the moment you lose your health, it becomes too late. Health brings a freedom that very few realise until they no longer have it. Have the courage to live a life true to yourself and not the life others expect of you. Don稚 allow others to dictate, judge or bully you into doing their bidding. Take control, make those all important decisions and changes for yourself. Time is our most precious commodity and none of us can buy it back. Remember, its never too late to start over again.

Until next week,

Linda and The Lulas xx

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