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Happy 5th Birthday To The Lulas

Hello Readers,

There is a very true saying ‘That the journey of a thousand miles begins with the first step’, and how very accurate in the case of ‘The Famous, Ginger Psychic Poodles’, Hilda and Talullah, better known as ‘The Lulas’, a pair of glamours, flaming red heads that turn heads everywhere they go and leave a lasting impression on everyone who meets them.

In the very beginning, as with everything new, after five months dogless after the sad passing of my beloved Airdale Terrier, Stanley Rupert, I felt ready to move forward and look for a new doggie to fill the empty space in my heart. Someone to love and hug and go out and about with. Imagine a middle aged woman, me, taking herself off for a walk in the fields, looking somewhat odd and sinister, getting some very strange looks as one does when walking alone sometimes. But if anyone is walking a dog, people tend to say ‘hello’, smile, stop and chat, wheras they tend to keep a healthy distance of one is walking alone.

The original plan was only to have one doggie, but fate was to decide otherwise and so, because I am a big softie, I came home with two ginger poodles not just one. Well, think about it, which twin poodle was I supposed to leave behind?

Lead training was a nightmare. I didnt know what to do. I was desperate, especially when I contacted dog trainers and they told me I was completely mad taking on two bitches at the same time and that successful training could not be done!! They didnt even want to entertain us and that was before they had even met us. I told them that there were approximately 7 billion people on this earth and if they could not help, I would find someone who could. What I needed right now was four hands and legs and my prayers were answered by a wonderful lady, who has become a very close and dear friend, Denise Garrett, owner of the ‘Bed and Biscuit Pet Hotel’. I remember sitting in her lounge unburdening myself and crying for help. I had reached the end of my rope at this point. Inbetween sipping tea and snivveling I noticed a pile of unhoovered white feathers on the carpet and decided it was either the work of a pigeon with dandruff or Angels at work!!lol!! Denise completely understood and offered to take The Lulas and me under her wing. Denise listened to my story and then proceeded to play Devils advocate. She cleverly offered to take The Lulas off my hands for one week, remove all their toys and possessions and live in an empty house again, dogless. She wanted to see how I reacted. That was the turning point because I looked at her in horror and told her ‘No, I have made a comittment and I will see this through no matter what because I am not one of life’s quitters!!’ She told me she saw pure horror in my face, which was an excellent sign, because I was not going to let those Lulas out of my sight. The three of us had fallen deeply in love and there was no way could we live apart, problems or not. Denise promptly put me in training by showing me and guiding me as to how to handle two very ‘different’ charactered Lulas. What tactics worked with Hilda did not work with Talullah and its still exactly the same today.

Even today, getting them both on a lead is a procedure in itself. Hilda will come to me immediately and she is no bother at all. Lead on and ready to go. Talullah has to walk around the patio in circles and I have to still coax her into getting her lead on once she is in an area where she cannot escape from me or the lead and then they are both ready and happy to go. They are creatures of habit, so my whole life revolves around their meal and walkies times. They know exactly what time it is and remind me by nudging and barking that we must put coats on and go out for a good long walk to a place where they can both practise running faster than the speed of light and then get out their doggie stop watches and watch me attempting to run around like an idiot as well. Oh, and what fun we have!!! Talullah is most definately ‘top dog’. She follows me around, sits on my knee and anticipates my next move with astonishing accuracy. Both Lulas know the procedure for each day and take their positions. They love going out in the car and visiting new destinations. My family and I often take them on a quiet beach where they can run and run and run in perfect synchrinisation. Its a scene that cannot fail to make anyone smile broadly, watching them skimming the sand and getting their paws wet in the sea waves.

Hilda is a home bird, obedient, receptive to people’s vibes, she loves meeting and greeting clients and loves to escort everyone from and to the door. She has put herself in charge of ‘Customer Liason Officer’. She has good manners and likes to make everyone feel welcome and comfortable.

Talullah is naughty, inquisitive, the last to get up out of bed in the mornings but is fantastic at picking up vibes about a clients’s personal circumstances, especially their love lives of if something is deeply bothering them deep within their soul. Talullah loves adventure and constantly seeks knowledge. She is extremely bright and can even remind me when certain television programmes are about to start because I am convinced she can tell the time. The Lulas are full time working dogs because they assist with readings when needed, so much so that they have been invited over recent years to be interviewed and talked about on various radio stations and much has been written about their fame in both national and local publications. These are no ordinary miniature French Poodles, These are The Lulas.

Their personalities are so different to one another that if you can imagine, I demonstrated on a graph graph for you, Hilda is the calm and collected one, laid back so far that the graph line was almost flat lining whilst Talullah’s line would zig zag like a mountain range in a thunderstorm!!

Over the years we have enjoyed lots of fun, let our hair down and luxiurated on one another’s companionship and they have taught me a thing or two as well!! For example, they have gradually trained me by studying cookery books and instructing me as to how they prefer there chicken dinner cooked. It would not matter how big a bed we all slept in I am always the one gripping and hanging onto the edge whilst they are sprawled out, snoring like drains, in comfort, covered in their fleece blankets, heads on soft pillows etc., Oh its a real dogs life isnt it??lol!!

We have enjoyed numerous photo shoots for the various publications that I write for and there was a time when I had to get onto the studio floor, propped up by stragicially positioned cushions getting stiffer and stiffer because of my dodgy knees whilst Denise and the photographer chased the poodles around attempting to put on their diamate collars and ribbons in the hair instructing me to remain in a certain statue like position whilst grimacing in pain in an attempt to capture that ‘perfect pose’.

May I also announce that we have a new addition to the family, Hugo, the Cocker Poo, black and white cutie who lives with my daughter Katie, son in law Nigel, grandsons, Ben and Finlay. The Lulas are the two Maiden Aunts who love him to bits and its always great fun for us all to meet up together.

As time has progressed, The Lulas and I have reached a point of acceptance and mutual respect. I am now their pet and they are the masters.

Enough said???

At this point I would like to make a very special acknowledgement by mentioning Denise Garrett and The Bed and Biscuit Pet Hotel’ based in Eastwood, Notts. NG16 3DW 01773 719641. Crufts Champion, judge, groomer and doggie lady extrodinaire.

I am often asked by people where I get The Lulas groomed to look like teddy bears and not the typical poodle hairstyle. Denise deals with all that side of things and for the past five years, The Bed and Biscuit has been their second home. I can highly recommend it as its home from home with an extensive menu, beautiful bedrooms with comfy beds, duvets, blankets, pillows, beauty and grooming parlour all supervised by very caring, attentive staff. There is a doggie creche so that they can play outside in beautiful countryside settings with other friendly doggies, so they are not cooped up all day long. They are able to learn socialising skills and lots of people who are full time workers drop their pets off in the mornings and pick them up homeward bound so that they dont have to worry about their pets being stuck indoors all day long. It gives people peace of mind to know that their fur babies are being cared for and if it takes away just one worry, well that its worth its weight in gold isnt it?

Take the pain out of the strain of leaving your beloved pet behind whilst you get on with either enjoying your holiday, a shopping day or slogging away at work, clock watching wondering and worrying how your darling pet is getting on. If you are interested, give Denise and the team a call for a friendly chat. Perhaps arrange to visit them because this may just help to give you that much needed peace of mind knowing that your pet is safe and well.

So on December 3rd 2014, Happy 5th Birthday darling Lulas and thank you for being part of my life and for choosing me to be your mummy and best mate. We have all learned so much from one another and our lives have been truely enriched from being together.

Until Next Week,

Love and light,

Linda and The Lulasxxx

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