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Heal Yourself

Hello Readers,
Regardless the life situation your find yourself in, it is possible for you to heal or improve yourself and your life in a most remarkable way. The mind is like a magnet. It attracts what it thinks about the most, the stronger the thoughts the stronger the attraction. If you want to heal yourself, or develop any kind of positive quality of life, it’s important for you to make a clear decision about what this is going to be and what you are prepared to do about making it become a reality. As you hold this thought in your mind with the definite belief and knowingness that you will eventually achieve your result, you will attract to yourself all the resources and people to create the results you want.
Anything that you do to raise your vibration will enable you to heal more quickly. Doing simple things like changing your nutrition, improving your diet, developing an exercise regime, even something as simple as walking your dog regularly, taking time out to be ‘still’ and without interruption, getting adequate rest and sleep, massage, yoga, swimming, stretching, Tai Chi, gardening, getting closer to nature, and other forms of mental and physical activity will all act to raise your vibration to a much higher level. It’s important to remember that whilst you are unwell, perhaps recovering from surgery, injury, or any kind of illness, your body needs every ounce of energy to be directed at the illness in order to heal. The worst thing anyone can do is to try to be clever by ignoring good advice and becoming a mart rye to the situation. For example, I have known many people return to work long before they were fit and well enough just to prove a point. These people are full of excuses such as, they have a high work ethic, or believe that they are irreplaceable if they are not present at the helm, running the place because they are convinced that no other person is capable of doing a job as efficiently and professionally as they can, but the important point they are missing is that if someone is too ill to work, struggling with fatigue and exhaustion issues which always comes with illness, it is not possible to operate with excellence. Mistakes will be made, irritation and annoyances sets in and quarrels and misunderstandings result and no one wins any gold stars or brownie points for thinking they are super human.
Your body is beautifully equipped with a natural self-repair system that under the influence of thoughts, feelings and beliefs that are situated in your mind. It knows how to kill cancer cells, slow down ageing, eliminates toxins, fights infections, mends broken bones etc., Things start to go wrong when the self-repair mechanism fails to function properly. Only when your nervous system is in a relaxation response does your body’s self-repair system mechanisms function. So its vitally important that your respect and take good care of the one and only body you have. A regular quick body service is a great idea because it could help nip problems in the bud. Some foods are like dynamite and they fill you with energy, speed your metabolism and make you feel fantastic! It’s the same with sleep. Going without makes you tired and listless causing you to spend all your days fighting fatigue and exhaustion so that in the end, life is just one constant battle ground. No one is going to stand behind you checking that you are respecting your body, yourself and your life. Looking after your wellbeing is imperative to living a longer, happier life.
If you love and respect yourself and set a good example, others will love and respect you too.
Until Next Week,
Love and Light,
Linda and The Lulas xxx
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