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Health Is In Our Hands

Hello Readers,

Have you ever thought about your health and how healthy you really are? Its so easy to take our health for granted, until one day we are hit with a bombshell and within a split second, our whole life is turned upside down and we are forced to re think our lifestyle or suffer the consequences of neglecting ourselves. During my own lifetime I have been hit with all kinds of health issues, but what I have discovered is that we are most definitely what we eat and drink. This year alone I have taken up juicing vegetables and fruit and adopted a diet of mainly raw food. Having read so much about the benefits of cooking from scratch, avoiding convenience that are laced with additives, chemicals and stuff that is no good for any of us, this new eating regime is now paying huge dividends to how I look and feel. Not only that, I am a massive believer in fresh air and exercise, so the Lulas and I are out and about several times a day and we also make sure that we make time for ‘us’ and get plenty of rest. Even the Lulas are health conscious. They may be poodles, but they enjoy two excellent, well balanced meals per day. They love steamed vegetables, chicken, fish and an apple and raw carrot per day. After supper, they clean their teeth on special dental sticks and other doggie chews to keep them in good order.

Not everyone will perhaps agree with me because they may think all this sounds boring, but believe me, there is nothing more boring than feeling ‘out of sorts’ and unable to enjoy life. When we are unwell, it is extremely difficult to socialise, make good decisions or just function normally.

Interestingly, our health is very much mapped out and evident in our palms, which is an ancient divination that goes back many centuries of reading person’s future. For example, the size of the fingers give a clear indication as to how how physically and mentally aggressive a person is. The ring finger also provides clues of future heart disease and at what age a person may become ill if symptoms are not addressed in time.Red Palms may show liver disease and knuckles that appear knobbly could specify the person has Rheumatoid arthritis or other forms of joint and muscle problems developing.

Nails give us the best clue to a person’s health. Ridges in the nail could show thyroid illness or they could show damage depending on what kind of medication someone has been taking. A good example of this is if a person has received chemotherapy treatment, one of the first indications is shown in the state of the nails and nails without half moons can be an indicator of forthcoming heart problems, including angina. Nutritionist say, those tiny flecks of white marks on our nails show we are lacking in calcium or Zinc, so for me, taking all the right vitamins is a huge must. I never miss a day. Abnormal skin ridges on the nail may indicate Irritable bowel syndrome or some form of dementia. Naturally Pink nails that are smooth and lustrous reveal a very balanced mental disposition.If the back of our finger nails are Red, this may indicate we are anaemic.Reddish nails indicate stronger blood circulation and a tendency for outbreaks of anger, over excitement and high blood pressure. People with reddish nails should limit their intake of caffeine and other stimulants. Bluish nails shows circulatory problems, however if the person does not suffer from circulatory problems then this can also indicate that they can tend to be somewhat cold hearted and generally unfeeling as a personality. Yellow nails show liver trouble and brownish nails can indicate signs of malnutrition and injury to the nervous system. Slate grey nails can reveal the presence of malaria.

In Hindu palmistry, the thumb is considered so important that many palmist restrict themselves to studying the thumb alone. The reason for this is the thumb relates to our ego and energy with the life force.People with short thumbs who can easily bend them backwards, tend to be weak willed and not of strong character. A thumb that’s thin or flat portrays a very highly strung and nervous person. A spatulate tip is the sign of a dynamic person with a real zest for life. he lower crease or head line on our palms reveals our intelligence and the way we think. Travel lines are small horizontal lines located on the outer edge of the palm that move up. Each line represents an important pathway that we are destined to make in order to grow and evolve through life’s experiences.

Who ever your are and whatever your circumstances, always remember to be your own best friend. Take personal responsibility for your own well being. Never make the mistake of running with the crowd and trying to copy other people just because you want to be a member of the ‘in crowd’. If other people openly neglect their health and well being, does it also mean that you have to do the same?

Always remember….If you eat junk, you will end up looking like junk.

Until Next Week,

Linda and The Lulas xxx

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