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Horoscopes for 2016

Linda Lancashire’s 2016 New Year Horoscopes


March 21 – April 20th

You can look forward to a spectacular new year that predicts a great deal of romance, new friendships and a social circle that will provide entertainment, mental, emotional and spiritual stimulus with lots of fun and laughter thrown in for good measure. It’s as though everything you desire and wish for miraculously lands in your lap. There will be many opportunities to form long lasting and fulfilling love relationships that will prove to be more passionate than ever before, but these are not  without their complications either. You may find yourself drawn into a triangle of love that although causes much excitement at times, it brings with it feelings of insecurity and irrational thinking. During the middle part of the year your judgement may not be sound for numerous reasons, so you should avoid getting tangled up with people who do not necessarily have your interests at heart because they are more interested in fulfilling their own agenda at your expense.
Spiritual development will be symbolic for the year 2016 because this is the year when you will look primarily for life balance, peace and harmony in both your personal relationships and health matters. Your hospitality and magnanimous gestures will be substantial and although you are known for your kindness and warmth towards helping those in distress, you will also be encouraged to look honestly in the mirror at yourself. Do you like what you see? Are you taking enough care of yourself? Why are you still putting yourself at the bottom of the food chain, neglecting your own needs because you are too busy putting others first?  In love, this is the ideal year to find a soul mate or possibly strengthen your current partnerships and close friendships.  It will be necessary for you to decide on your priorities in life and focus your attention on ways to accomplish them.  2016 is not a year that finds you behaving like a wallflower. You have to go out there and give life your very best shot if you are to realise your dreams.
2016 indicates that this is a year of great benefit and achievement for people who are determined to make their mark in both the  work place and the business world. Your drive for achievement will reap extraordinarily high rewards, but you will have to earn it because nothing is going to be handed to you on a plate. In fact, you will be wise to always look over your shoulder for anyone unscrupulous who has their eye on the main chance and will stop at nothing to shunt both you and any other of their rivals out of the way. By applying yourself positively, you will quickly receive the recognition and respect from others that you rightly deserve. There could even be a promotion during this fortuitous period since you will be even more meticulous with your day to day planning than usual and thus attracting much interest towards yourself. Networking will become the natural forte in 2016 for most Rams and you will gain access to new, interesting and exciting contacts.  Property deals will go unusually smoothly as well , especially if you are serious about ‘buying to let’ or trying your hand at designing and building your own dream home. You will find yourself imbued with boundless energy and the enthusiasm to throw yourself into just about anything but the real dangers lie in the fact that most Aries people cannot be bothered with small, minor details regarding every day formality except when it comes to finances and this is where you have to make sure that you do not land yourself in debt by making unwise choices regarding investments. There is a great danger that 2016 could see you prone to financial recklessness unless you draw your horns in and not allow yourself to either live beyond your means or become manipulated by people who make false promises. Stick to your guns, regardless of the opposition and you will reap rich rewards as a result. The person who believes in themselves will always act in a consistent manner.  A positive self-image has little to do with our material circumstance because people can quickly have a poor opinion of themselves, it doesn’t take much.  So always reach for the stars, even if you only hit the rooftops.


April 21 – May 21

As you are such a practical sign, you also view personal relationships the same way, weighing up the pros and cons before committing yourself.  Relationships are very important to you as you develop your spirituality through the love of home and family.  During 2016 try to keep your stubbornness under control when it comes to making romantic decisions.  Pig headedness isn’t attractive whereas a little humility can often go a long way.  Your charming, charismatic personality often wins people over and gains respect and admiration from others who are in awe of your sheer determination and strength of character.  Whilst in short bursts you find this an easy thing to do, it does not take long before exhaustion kicks in and your health begins to cause concern.  2016 is the year when you take life, health and love more seriously because all decisions have consequences.  You can’t burn the candle at both ends, so work out what’s most important to you and channel your energies in that direction.  For single, unattached Bulls you need to put your best foot forward.  All your fantastic people skills that you use at work can be tweaked to be an asset in your social life, but you have to make the initial effort.  No one is going to march through your living room with a brass band blaring out loudly , get down on one knee and propose a happy ever after.  You have got to go out there and make yourself known if you are going to hear real life wedding bells ringing out loudly for you.Relax and live a little by doing something completely different.  Start or join a new club or activity that you have often thought about, yet procrastinated over.  What about doing some much appreciated voluntary work?  Even if it’s not romance you are seeking, you are bound to make some wonderful new friendship connections.2016 is the year for the dream holiday of a lifetime whether its lying on a beach, skiing down the mountainside or discovering forgotten worlds.  You earned it, you deserve it. You go for it!!
You will be faced with a number of dilemmas both professionally and on the domestic front and many of you will have the desire to make some profound changes but at what cost?  The urges will be very strong and will dominate your thinking during your quietest hours, so it’s important that you remain grounded and realistic about anything to do with finance.  However, what will stop you in your tracks is the fear of the consequences once you have made a decision in case you misjudged the situation and this is down to a lack of confidence on your part regarding making decisions, but, in reality, they have to be made, one way or another.
Secure employment and the knowledge that your money will be in the bank on a certain day of each month will feel more attractive than you charging like a bull in a china shop at a new venture, especially if it means funding it yourself.  Any business connections you make during 2016 will be very lucrative and long lasting and will be beneficial in numerous ways because it’s never what we know, it’s always who we know that opens doors of opportunity for us.  Such people who work in organisations both voluntary and salaried will be extremely focused and will reap the rewards of careful planning and having the courage to test your own skills just to see how far you are able to reach and the many people who will benefit from you giving them your time and devotion helping them along the way.  There could also be tensions in the work place caused by people who do not operate on the same mental and emotional frequency as yourself, thus causing you to take time out to reflect and take stock of your career opportunities and desires.  The second part of the year is when your confidence really begins to soar high in the sky because something or someone will be responsible for your ‘feel good factor’ and you may even feel brave enough to look at relocating either in the UK or overseas.  The world is your oyster, if you did but know it.


May 22 – June 22

Previously you have tended to behave like a butterfly, flitting from one relationship or job to another based on the prettiness of whoever catches your eye at that moment and also possessing a dangerously low boredom threshold, this has often gotten you into a few scrapes.  2016 introduces you to more like minded people who will share your enthusiasm for knowledge, education and the world around you.  They will want to accompany you on your travels, talk extensively and knowledgeably about your many interests and could even open doors for you.  Your brilliance will shine all the year through bringing sunshine and hope where there is darkness and despair,  but like everything worth having, you will have to work for it, but don’t panic, you have the ability and talent to succeed.  Life will definitely not be all work and no play either.  Your charm offensive is off the scale and flirting is second nature to you and this is the other serious occupation for this year.  You may find yourself partaking in clandestine romantic meetings, becoming embroiled in a complicated triangle of love or wishing this were true.  Oh for a little excitement and spice!!  In your case, business and pleasure mixes well, but this does mean you can get your fingers burnt and have to face the consequences.  During this year, like your relationships, your holidays will be little but often, buzzing around the country on mini breaks, probably in mini buses, camper vans, or  caravans with your accommodation in tow.  This doesn’t mean you are following the crowd, it means you are leading the way forward for others and forging your own path.Stress and finding yourself in the middle of complicated situations often plays havoc with your health and well-being.  For some reason you allow yourself to become drawn into other people’s problems and often come off the worst as a result of trying to help!  During this year, learn to take a few step backwards, say ‘NO’ more often and just walk away.  If you were meant to save the world, your wardrobe would include a cape, a pair of tights and a red telephone box!!
As you are no stranger to hard work, you will reap the financial benefits and this year will see your bank balance looking a lot healthier than it has in previous years.  Your professional life will benefit enormously from networking and buttering up other people in useful positions because flattery can often go a long way.   Your confidence in yourself helps to bring in new clients, new contacts and the probability of a lot of work especially in the world of  publishing, education and law.  If your dream is to be your own boss, this is the year to branch out, start anew and promote yourself.  Social networking is bringing your name to the fore with you using all the latest technologies to highlight your business.  Take note,   You are living in  very exciting times and dreams of being a millionaire may not be so out of reach as they probably were a few years ago.  This is because your whole attitude to life and yourself has undergone a complete metamorphosis and you are no longer a slave to the past or to anyone else.  You are now calling all the shots and others will find themselves dancing to your tune.  How good is that?Don’t ignore the practicalities of life.  Do the necessary things like making a Will, check that your insurances are up do date and go for a medical MOT.  You can’t afford to leave these things to chance if you are to avoid problems later on.  Because you are so self-reliant and the architect of your future, it’s important that you work towards becoming asset rich and debt free as quickly as possible and there is no better time to start securing your long term future than during 2016.  Even if you don’t have your own business or in employment, you can still further yourself , enhance your talents and improve your skills by furthering your training.  Aim high!!  The sky’s the limit.  You never know what you are capable of achieving until you try.  When a great opportunity knocks on your door, it’s often no louder than the beating of your heart and so easy to miss it.


June 23 – July 23

For you, the welcomed arrival of 2016 indicates a year of incredible changes in all aspects of your life that others can only dream about, but that does not mean that you believe any of this because the sceptical part of you still expects everything to go horribly wrong and romantic bubbles to burst when you least expect them to.  2016 will force you to answer many questions that previously you avoided answering because you were probably badly bruised by past events that have left you feeling vulnerable and exposed to the elements.  2016 can only be described as majorly crucial in your life that will either see you continue to live in your ‘pretend little world’ or finally break a vicious circle. If you find it in yourself to face up to the truth regarding a certain situation or relationship that you have been happy to gloss over previously, probably because it suited you to do so until now, the coming year sees you taking absolute control of your circumstances and a wonderful opportunity to voice your opinions and concerns for the years to come.  Your social life will improve enormously as you realise just who your true friends are because they were always there when you needed them and you have learned that actions always speak louder than words.  You are first and foremost family orientated and relations with your loved ones will remain a priority.  Their health and personal happiness is of great importance to you because if they are happy, you are happy!The early part of the year will see you more concerned with your health than of previous years, especially if you have lived through a great amount of stress that was thrust upon you suddenly, without warning.  Even a minor cold should not be ignored and you would be wise to seek professional help in order to get back onto your feet again.  Make a point of taking those much deserved holidays and mini breaks because time spent away, chilling, relaxing and recharging those ailing batteries will do more for you than constantly hammering away at the same old problems without any respite.  During this year, be kind to yourself and realise that your health really is your wealth because you cannot enjoy life very much without it.
This is a year when you must pull out all the stops to reach for the top because there is no such thing as an impossible dream.  If you work hard enough and remain positive, focused and determined, you can achieve almost anything and will not only surprise yourself with the outcome, but have others gasping in disbelief at the enormity of your success.When it comes to your home, you can be lavish spenders and nothing is too expensive.  Many of you will show an immense interest in either moving house or renovating your existing abode because you are keen on enriching your lifestyle and making your habitat as warm, comfortable and luxurious as your wallet will allow.  Plan your finances ahead and save for a rainy day because there will be increases in incidental expenses that will hit your bank balance like a bolt out of the blue.  However you will also be focusing on a project to increase your income and starting a new business venture that utilises your creative skills will bring about career satisfaction and personal fulfilment and a rise in income.2016 is the year to realise your dreams and that includes going after any big career goals you might have!  This is not a time for your natural inclination towards self-denial and avoidance to take over because it will be extremely necessary for you to remain strong, resolute and determined if you are to meet challenges head on and deal with them efficiently.  Use the coming months to enhance your creative and artistic skills and give serious consideration to turning a hobby into a lucrative, money spinning business venture. All the signs will be in place for you to put your best foot forward and excel in what you are really good at and if you don’t, well, the only person standing in your way is yourself.


July 24 – August 23

The new year sweeps in a tidal wave of intense emotional feelings in terms of personal relationships.  Whilst you appear confident and full of great ideas when amongst friends, its only when you find yourself spending time alone that you experience sentiments of hesitance and anxiety regarding affairs of the heart.  If you are single and looking for love, the chances are that you will meet your soul mate but this person will be completely different to the type of individual you would have found attractive previously.  This is because you have changed so much as a result of past experiences and learned some valuable lessons. The sort of lifestyle that you  once thought you wanted, you now no longer find appealing because you have spiritually and emotionally grown and evolved so much and because you have lived and survived so many experiences, you are a very different person today than you were this time last year.  Life will become busy with new, interesting people and places to visit that will all give you a much needed boost of confidence.  Most of you will start to enjoy better health because your mind-set has changed and you are more interested in remaining as well as possible by improving your diet and exercise regime and cutting out the junk.  Whatever obstacles you are faced with you will endeavour to deal with immediately rather than leave things to chance.  Those of you who are struggling with niggling health issues will look towards alternative treatments as well as taking more exercise, rest, mediation and not racing around like a lunatic up and down the countryside in pursuit of fleeting fantasies.  Becoming more grounded will benefit you more as you grow older and wiser.  A new, spiritual and much calmer you will emerge during the course of 2016, one that will appear unrecognisable to a lot of people who thought they knew you well and realise they never really knew you at all.  Make a point of visiting all the places you have listed on your bucket list if possible, even if some of them are only just around the next corner close to home, because you never know what or who you may discover as a result.
The coming year sees you realising the importance of money, how much it matters and how much you wasted and squandered  previously on incidentals and nik naks. Your ability to make good money in the future will matter tremendously because you will be counting every penny and learning to become more savvy with it by making wise investments and cutting back on unnecessary frivolities.  Your days of squandering hard earned cash have reached an end because you know that any problems regarding a lack of money, debt and having to lower your standard of living will cause you stress, health and relationship issues, which you can’t really afford, so it’s important that you make a few sensible New Year Resolutions and start as you mean to go on.  The year ahead sees you keen to work on balancing the books and understanding your priorities.  Budgeting sensibly is essential if you are to keep your Bank Manager happy. Your pragmatic approach to money will rub off on other people, encouraging them to take a leaf out of your book enabling them to manage their own affairs more efficiently.  2016 is a year filled with never ending changes and often the most significant opportunities are often found in times of great difficulty.  Are you feeling restricted and suffocated in your career?  Perhaps you have been on that same old treadmill for far too long and now it’s time to restyle your life. If you are thinking of becoming self-employed, focus your energies on escaping the rat race and throw yourself into a project dear to your heart, even if it means going back to school to re train in a profession that holds an enormous amount of appeal for you. There is absolutely no need to feel restricted for longer than you have to.  We all have to take personal responsibility for our actions and with those choices come  consequences, so the year ahead will either see you going for gold or staying put because you are too nervous about making that all important leap of faith.  For some ambitious Lions, long distance travel and working away from home will hold some magic, especially if the rewards are worth making certain sacrifices for.  Utilise your time during the coming months to initiate and forge new alliances, courting people who are influential and in a position to introduce you to new contacts and open a few interesting doors in the process.


August 24 – September 23

Loving and understanding relationships form the core of our lives and 2016 is a year that finds you want more regarding affairs of the heart, romance and successful, fulfilling friendships.  Right from the start of the year during the cold months there will be much happening and you may even fall for the charms of someone unusual and charismatic to the point of obsession causing a few problems especially, if you are already in a committed relationship!  Getting involved with someone largely for lust is possible and even though there may not be much depth to any of it, it will still have you hooked and unable to think clearly about the long term effects of such a liaison, which you could live to regret later! Take care.  Marriage will be one of the biggest decisions of your entire life so it’s important to get it right and that means thinking everything through before jumping in feet first.  For you it’s important to find the right person because break ups and disruption has always had an adverse effect on your health and emotional state.  Loyalty is of paramount importance and if there is no trust, there is no relationship.  Set your standards high and never agree to lower them just to please others.  It’s better to live alone than to live in misery with someone you are not happy with just for the sake of it. There is a difference between being alone and lonely.Your health and welfare will be foremost on your mind as you strive to improve aspects of your life you have previously neglected, such as diet, exercise and making time for you.  Invest in literature or attending courses that are dedicated to improving your wellbeing mentally, physically and spiritually.  Consider joining new groups and societies where likeminded people will automatically gravitate towards you and this could even lead to meeting a very different kind of soul mate, a friend whom you can share your every thought and feeling with and need never feel lonely again.  You may even decide to add to your family by adopting a new pet, giving a loving home to someone who will become an important companion for you to love and share wonderfully happy times with.
2016 promises to be a hectic time on the work and business front with great demands made upon your time.  A sudden surge of unexpected success from an unusual quarter indicates a spurt in advancing finances and the promise of a lot more from where that  is coming from.  It’s as though you have developed the Midas Touch with everything you turn your hand to transforming into gold.  There will be an exciting buzz added to your routine day to day life with lots of social/business invitations coming forth that will enable you to market yourself and to partake in an astonishing amount of networking and meeting people in high places.  You may even be asked to sit on a committee or take part in important fund raising for an excellent cause.  Suddenly there will be a multitude of things vying for your attention and the mundane stuff will become insignificant.  Long distance tours, clocking up the car mileage, charging up and down the motorway like a headless chicken, staying in hotels, attending seminars and conferences will occupy an enormous chunk of your time, but the rewards will be astonishing.Plenty of new career opportunities are indicated so if you feel as though you are stuck in a dead end job, 2016 is the year to branch out and do something constructive with your life.  Someone may try to play mind games with a view to stump your self-development and possible achievements, so it’s important to be aware of what is actually happening and strive to be your own person always.  There is no need to feel as though you are stuck in the same old rut forever, because that is certainly not the case.  Finances will take a turn for the better and you may even find yourself as the beneficiary named in a Will or Legacy!  In the same vein, property matters will be high on your agenda, especially if you are interested in buying and selling bricks and mortar.  An excellent year to move house or improve your existing home by making an intelligent investment.  Windows of opportunity do not last long, so if you see something worth purchasing, go for it, because the same chances may not come along again for a very long time and nothing ventured is nothing gained, so you have nothing to lose except the chance of making something of yourself.


August 24 – September 23

There may be no greater sign devoted to love and romance more than Libra.  In many ways a happy relationship helps you find balance and completion.  The arrival of 2016 helps you find partners worth dating and coupled Librans will deepen their spiritual connection with their partners.  However, there is also the danger of you trying to romanticise your mate to be what they are not because you do not always like to face reality, tending to make excuses for their behaviour and giving them credit where it is not due.  In some cases, you will be discussing moving in together and begin searching for a suitable love nest that represents the new life you intend making together.  Maybe you will want to take a step further and think about planning a wedding celebration. Start the year right by planning your social events by entering appointments in your diary.  Remember to include a good mix of activities because 2016 sees you smack, bang in the middle of all the fun and attending parties, soirées and other social events will become the norm, with you living life to the full and burning the candle at both ends regularly.Setting those dates in advance will make it harder to resist the call of your sofa because you are probably going to overdo things, yet reluctant to cancel engagements for fear of missing something or meeting that special someone so it will be all steam ahead with not a moment to spare throughout most of the coming year.  Close friends will need your assistance and a shoulder to cry on from time to time as you take up the mantel of Agony Aunt Extraordinaire.  People will tell you things in confidence regarding their own personal circumstances and you will be privy to numerous secrets, including having a few of your own as the year develops.During this year your nervous system calls for special care because many of you are born worriers and tend to stress constantly about things that are beyond your control.  Pay special attention to your wellbeing and do not allow history to repeat itself by letting certain people ‘get to you’ as they may have done previously.  This is a new year heralding a brand new beginning.  Listen to your body at all times.  Take more rest when you start to notice fatigue taking over.  Increase your daily water intake and choose power and energy foods over convenient junk and food that has no nutritious value whatsoever, but appears easy and quick.  Invest in good quality vitamins and learn to say ‘no’ to anything or anyone who that is toxic, grim and of no benefit to you whatsoever.
2016 will bring about some dramatic financial changes.  Earnings and overall wealth should increase whereas previously they have there were no real disasters, but nothing much new to report either.  This is a fantastic time for disciplined financial regimes, for savings and investment plans and for living within ones means.  It also shows excellent friends and family support and if you are  someone who puts their family first or earns through family connections, a family business and so forth, you can look forward to reaping some fabulous rewards for your quick thinking and hard work.   Earnings can come from retail, trading, buying, selling and generally being respectful of money.  There are significant opportunities to make excellent connections where information can be exchanged and to learn something new with a view to making some constructive improvements to your long term future.  Letters, telephone calls, e mails and text messages that you initiate will all prove productive at this important time, so don’t let any opportunity pass you by! Your vitality and courage will be strong throughout the year, so if you are feeling competitive and ready to take on board a new challenge that is bound to test your abilities and psychic awareness, 2016 is the year to make your mark.  A new career challenge will present itself that pits your wits against someone who thinks they can get the better of you, but once you set your stall out, you will rise above any obstacles that are put in your way.  Perseverance and patience will be required in your business dealings, especially with certain people who will obviously not be totally on your wavelength, but you are forced to work with in a roundabout way.  Your wicked sense of humour and ability to turn any negative into a positive will always win the day.  The warmth you radiate will be noticed and appreciated and a new unlikely friendship could emerge as a result.

October 24 – November 22

Your drive and ambition are legendary and these days it’s difficult and downright impossible for you to compromise in any way. You have drawn a line under this lot once and for all and have no intention of allowing back into your world anyone who has hurt, upset or let you down in the past.  You are only too aware that leopards do not change their spots, so start as you mean to go on and you won’t go wrong. There is no need for you to search for a partner because whoever is meant to step into your life will do so when the exact time is right.  What is meant for you will not go past you.  Many of your previous relationships didn’t work because the people you found yourself with were just not right for you, but it looks as though all this is now set to change for the better.  You can be highly distrustful of people but once you have given your loyalty and love you are loathe to take it back.  Once betrayed it is impossible for you to forgive or forget.  There is no kiss and make up if the line has been crossed.  2016 sees you standing on your own two feet becoming the strong independent person you always knew you are.   You will find yourself standing at a crossroads questioning whether you actually need anyone else in your life or not.  Some of you prefer the companionship of your pets and close friends rather than get involved in a one to one relationship and all its hassles, but watch out because a soul mate is about to step into your life when you least expect.The coming year sees you worrying less about your health than you have done recently.  The changes you have made are now beginning to show their benefits because you have taken control of your life by cutting out the rubbish and valuing yourself, your time and choosing what you do and who you do it with.  Take those much deserved holidays, live your life and set yourself challenges.  Allow your talents to surface and maybe take up a new hobby.  2016 will be a year of enormous achievement.
When it comes to your career and money, you are on a serious mission.  You are determined to handle your future plans for success  with the utmost dedication, loyalty and care as if it were the most important thing in your life.  Half measures simply will not do and neither do you have any respect or time for people who are just down right lazy and unmotivated. As a Scorpio, you crave new challenges and set your standards high. Leave the others who are obsessed with being competitive to their own devices because remember, you have nothing to prove and they probably do.  Because of past experiences you will always desire the security that money and position can bring because you know only too well that ‘That when poverty comes through the door, love flies through the window’, and living hand to mouth and forever scratting about for loose change does not hold any appeal for you.  As in the past you still want to ride your rocket to the moon and nothing and no one can stand in your way, your dreams and ambitions know no boundaries because you believe in yourself and know exactly what you are capable of achieving.  If you are willing to put in the work, time, the effort and the sacrifices and 2016 will see you reaching your goals.You are the sign of the ‘Pound Stretcher’.  The squirrels amongst us are used to living frugally and shopping sensibly. Where others choose to fritter and squander their money, you like to save it because rainy days come around only too often and you dislike borrowing unless you really have to.  This year will be no different. In looking after the pennies, the pounds will look after themselves!  Others may well come to you for financial advice because they value your opinion and know that you talk a lot of sense when it comes to these matters.  By making a few wise investments you will be well on your way to securing your long term future, especially if you follow your gut instincts and be very careful in whom you place your trust. Some business partnerships do work extremely well where there is good chemistry, rapport and understanding, but sometimes business partnerships can quickly decline into sinking ships and hit the rocks if there is deviousness and dishonesty present, so think long and hard before agreeing to anything.   2016 is the year to straighten out your finances and pursue and live your dream.


November 23 – December 21

The new year brings overwhelming changes in various aspects of your life with the emphasis being on your self-development and spiritual growth!  You will be gifted with opportunities and this will be your basis for broadening your horizons in both your personal and working life, which at times will merge together because of important associations formed at the beginning and middle part of the year.  All your relationships will require proper scrutiny and you will have to make some tough decisions.  You will be moving at a hectic speed and may not always have the time to take good care of yourself in the process, especially when the pressure is full on and the demands of others at times seem ridiculous and unrealistic.  Your popularity will soar and there is an added excitement all around you because you are developing attractive social skills and showing kindness and empathy to those in need of sympathy, warmth and encouragement.  But you also have to be especially alert to people attracting people who drain you rather than build you up.  If you are single, this is a very favourable year for meeting someone special who operates on your wavelength and who is understanding of your complex personality.  Because you have been changing so much in recent years, you may want to re-evaluate what you are looking for in a relationship.  Take some time to think about this carefully rather than jumping in recklessly and then regretting your impulsiveness later.  If you are already in a relationship, then this is the year for totally honesty rather than sweeping things under the carpet hoping that problems will go away, because they won’t.  If you do this, then your relationship will thrive and move onto a whole new and nourishing level.Because of the enormity of the pressure you are facing this year, health becomes more delicate so it’s important that you try to rest and relax more by pacing yourself instead of continually dancing to the tune of others. Take mini breaks, spend time with family and loved ones and pay close attention to your diet because keeping up your energy levels will be of paramount importance.
As with everything you need a career that offers you a wide playing field with plenty of freedom and excitement.  As a natural entrepreneur you would thrive working for yourself but at the same time you need to mix with a broad spectrum of society because you enjoy nothing more than variation and change.  At times it will be hard for you to focus on just one interest because you are so drawn to trying other new things and enjoy whatever life challenges you with.  As your sign rules higher education, you are a lifelong learner and teacher.  Load up on classes and books with the intention of expanding your mind and furthering yourself as you grow older.  You are often an inspiration to others who look to you for example and inspiration.  You are fantastic at helping others but your own worst critic because you make high demands upon your time, push yourself to the utmost limit and are rarely satisfied with your performance, often agonising over the fact that perhaps had you done things differently the results would be so much more to your liking, but others will strongly disagree and enjoy nothing more than standing there, staring, in awe of your great talent and accomplishments.2016 will be a challenging year for money, hence you must start managing your finances with the best of your efforts so that you don’t have to deal with extreme critical situations later. This is a year expected to bring massive changes at work as it indicates a massive career move , possible relocation or a complete change of direction.  The best way to deal with this challenge is to reduce your spending and resist the temptation to get into debt with no real means of paying the money back.  With the passage of time, there will be a little more stability in your working life bringing with it a nice steady flow of money that will afford you a good standard of living.  But right at the start of the year, if you live your life with planning and control there will not be much of a problem for you.  There are financial and career blessings in store for you as the year progress, as though a guardian angel is watching over you.  Doors will begin to open letting all the right people and opportunities come your way.  All you have to do is believe in yourself and in your abilities to succeed.


December 22 – January 20

The new year begins with a blast, tearing down old belief systems and the need for you to install a new set of rules as to how you intend to live your life from now on.  2016 is all about new connections but someone from your sentimental past may also suddenly turn up from out of the blue in the hope that a romance can be rekindled.  You may have other ideas, but neither will this stop you from giving your situation a great deal of thought.  You will be looking for a more peaceful time in terms of family, love and personal relationships, probably because you have had enough of your fair share of drama and trauma in the past and would welcome a bit of good news for a change.  Love and passion will feature high on your agenda and a chance meeting with someone you are instantly attracted to will give you the courage to express yourself in a way you never imagined and a declaration of love coupled with a romantic proposal when you least expect will force you to think seriously about your long term future, even if you have already  resigned yourself to remaining alone forever.  Life can change in a split second so don’t be surprised at anything that comes your way.  Equally, if you are involved in a toxic, off on, on off relationship , it looks as though you are finally going to draw a line under things once and for all because 2016 sees you valuing and loving yourself more and realising that you deserve better.For the aspiring Goat worldly ambitions will always come first, but not without minor accidents, injuries and running yourself into the ground, ignoring good advice and carrying on regardless.  At times you will even stint on meals making excuses that you don’t have time to eat or rest, especially if you are feeling a bit low and depressed and that is the danger.  If you don’t eat a good, well balanced diet, your energy levels will plummet like a stone down a well and then you will be neither use nor ornament to anyone.  There is nothing like a short holiday for lifting the spirits and if you manage to squeeze a few trips to the seaside or countryside, away from the madness of life, you will give your mind, spirit and body the chance to replenish itself.
You are in your element at work and as a dedicated professional you love to plan and set goals.  You don’t care if it takes years to reach your destination, you are not a quitter and will not stop until you have made your dreams a reality.  Your star sign is symbolized as a climbing mountain goat and you often view life as a rocky, upward climb, but unlike a lot of other signs, you are not one to give up at the first hurdle.  In fact, the more difficult the challenge the more determined you are to succeed and during 2016 you will achieve more than you could possibly have imagined in your wildest dreams.  Even when you get discouraged, you rarely let an obstacle stand in your way.  You love and need structure making you ideally suited to any profession that needs someone organised, logical and good at dealing with people from all walks of life.  2016 will also encourage the more creative side of your personality to surface allowing you to consider a career involving art, design or becoming the head of a creative department.  The key for the coming year is planning, researching your field and using your flair for structure and design, making a huge success of your chosen career.The overall financial picture is that money and cash flow are all set to look much healthier during the course of 2016 than in previous years.  You may inherit or be given a sum of money that you can put to excellent use in either updating your home, moving house or starting a brand new business venture.  Some of you may have your sight set on retirement and taking a backward step from the humdrum of the working world and taking yourself on a world voyage to escape the rat race.  During the second part of the year, life will appear to become much easier enabling you to enjoy your each and every blessing that is bestowed upon you.  It will be good to take a break from the stress and worry that has dogged you during previous years and refreshing to receive encouraging news that will lift your spirits and give you new found hope in the future instead.


January 21 – February 19

Close and personal relationships are big headlines for you this year because it’s about seeking and finding joy in your closest friendships  and getting in deeper touch with your spiritual and emotional needs.  You may be less independent during 2016 for several reasons and will look to others for help during worrying times involving family and those you hold dear to your heart.  There will be a craving for a true partnership of equals and this will serve to motivate you to finding it out perhaps on the internet dating sites or to join a singles group where you are most likely to meet likeminded individuals.  If you are currently in a strong relationship you may get a positive reply from your beloved that at last indicates a shift towards creating a lifelong commitment and the excitement of starting a brand new chapter together.  Love may also blossom with an associate or close friend as you discover one another under some very difficult circumstances with lots of obstacles thrown in that will test your feelings like never before.  Your social life will also liven up as you make arrangements to go out and about with friends, wining and dining and generally enjoying the companionship of others.  Real friends are important because they bring joy and colour into our mad, crazy troubled lives, so make the most of every opportunity and try never to turn an invitation down because you never know where it might lead  or who you may be introduced to as a result of being in the right place at the right time!With regard to your health you need to remain watchful about disorders in your digestive system that are often caused by stress and worry.  Take preventative medicine immediately and if in any doubt, seek professional advice because even a minor looking issue needs to be taken seriously.  Avoid stepping out in bad icy weather in footwear that may cause you to slip and fall over.  Wrap up warm and nurture yourself more than you have done previously, because if you don’t look after yourself, no one else will and you owe it to yourself.
This is an excellent year for you because you will achieve more than the expected results you had originally planned for.  People in business will find numerous opportunities for growth and expansion.  The cash registers will ringing loudly as orders come in, customers walk in through the door and useful connections are made.  Your soft heartedness bordering on naivety can sometimes be your downfall because you don’t always know when to stop spending and have been known to sometimes go over the top with things.  Whilst extravagance and kindness is sometimes a wonderful trait to have, your love of partying and living it up also has a tendency to attract unscrupulous types that have no qualms about using you and your connections to further themselves.  Although the path to your own personal pot of gold will not be easy this year, you will not be deterred from your vision.  2016 will see you and those around you benefiting from you sticking to your guns and being steadfast in your belief in you making your dreams become a reality.  This year could see you becoming best friends with your bank manager for all the right reasons.  Money going in, savings going up, expenditure going down.  You’ve got your eye on the future and know you need the capital to finance your dream.  This allows you to save or raise  money without compromising your day to day living standards.  You’ll still have your holidays, maybe not the exotic ones, but ones that will give you just as much pleasure without using up your vital capital.Although your career may not necessarily be what others describe as ‘The norm’, you do excel in the slightly unusual and eccentric.  This always gives you a base to highlight your talents of which they are many, varied and interesting.  Your career prospects are excellent for progression and for taking a few risks in business because as long as you follow your gut instincts and do what feels right for you, you will reap rich rewards.  Even your rivals will be forced to give you the respect and credit you deserve and will learn a thing or two from your endeavours. Don’t be surprised if you are not head hunted by someone who is in awe of your progressive views and willingness explore other avenues to reach your goals.


February 20 – March 20

Your empathy for others and own mystical nature will help you conquer your fears about taking an extraordinary leap of faith in order to achieve an ambition that has been very close to your heart for some time. There are some people out there who will see your kindness and generosity as a weakness and think nothing of taking advantage of your good nature so it will be up to you to recognise when these things start happening and put a halt to it.  You give and expect totally honesty and loyalty from your friends and feel desperately hurt and betrayed if trust is broken.  It’s not a situation you will ever truly forgive nor forget and it’s doubtful that you will ever feel the same about the person who has caused the damage ever again.  Romantic love and emotional attachments are as necessary as the air you breathe, but not all relationships are easy to manage and you will experience difficulties that will test your patience.  You try to avoid conflict and confrontation, which sometimes sends out the wrong message and can put you in a vulnerable position.  The coming year sees you taking a firmer control of your emotions and relationships so that you are not always the one who comes off the worst, because let’s face it, you do bruise easily.  Use your past experience as a springboard to shoot you into the kind of relationship that you know you deserve.  For singles, a meeting of the heart and mind with someone new will set your pulse racing.  Keep your feet on the ground and your hands on the reins of your emotions.  You have been burnt badly in the past and the last thing you want is for history to repeat itself.  Remember the saying, ‘fools rush in where angels fear to tread’. Let things develop at their own pace, don’t go pushing things to soon it’ll worth the wait!2016 will be a year when you find yourself wondering if you’ll meet yourself coming back! Always chasing about after family and people in general, so it’s important that you allow yourself time to rest and recharge your batteries. Get your full 8 hours a night. Look after yourself others look to you for  their balance so you must be in tip top condition to carry everyone else.  Kick those bad habits once and for all.
Money management is becoming second nature to you, even though for some it is a necessity.  Whilst you never really worry about money, you prefer to concentrate on the nice things it allows you to have.  Where it comes from or how its spent has never really been a priority.  For some Pisceans, this is because you follow your instincts and intuition, playing the money markets, investments and business dealings that have been met with various degrees of success. The coming year sees you being benevolent and charitable because hearing and knowing of any kind of misfortune will immediately see you digging deeply to find ways of helping someone in distress because you have also experienced being at your wits end when times were hard. Changing and improving your environment will become quite a big expenditure this year because you will most likely experience hold ups and delays which will prove frustrating at times, but the end result will be so fabulous that even you will feel slightly in awe of your achievements.  When making your contract with your builders etc., put in a clause for late completion.  The same applies to if you are moving house or relocating.  Allow extra time and money for setbacks because they nearly always happen.Creative Pisceans who are using their talents are set to succeed, not just succeed, but in fact excel.  Professional Fish will find their careers and prospects and accomplishments soaring far higher than they would have imagined this time last year.  There is certainly no glass ceiling, the sky is the limit and all you have to do is go for it!You will turn many heads and prove to the doubting Thomas’ what an asset you are in both business and home life.  Hobbies such as writing or photography for example will take on new meaning  giving you more satisfaction and pleasure than you ever thought possible because it means you are able to express yourself  by exploring your creativity and using new mediums.  This discovery could also indicate a complete change of direction with your work so that you find yourself moving from a mundane kind of job to something that you love and feel so much happier in doing.  Not the everyday though, which is a gamble but when the stakes are high the winnings are too.

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