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Horoscopes for Valentines Day

Horoscopes for Valentines Day, 2014


March 21 – April 20th

Valentine’s Day can often be a tricky time for you because in the past, not everything ran smoothly to plan.  You may have been involved with partners who have let you down, leaving you home alone with no playmate and no one to shower love and attention onto, never mind impress, with your dazzling personality and wicked sense of fun.  So,   little wonder that you often feel sceptical about a happy ever after, fairy-tale ending.  But in 2014, take heart, love is in the air for Rams with a song in their heart and on their sleeve for all to see.  The coming year promises to expand the horizons of your relationships as you are likely to strike a chord with new friends and acquaintances making one of your famous lasting impressions.   Instead of staying home alone, licking your wounds, accept social invitations because you never know who you may be introduced to.  Dinner parties are all the rage these days and for you, the more intimate, the better.  You enjoy nothing better than dressing up in your finest gear.   This newcomer may well turn out to be the soul mate you have been seeking all your life.  If you are attracted to someone rather quickly as you don’t believe in wasting time, there is a strong likelihood that you will express your love to that person and devote yourself to the object of your desire entirely.


April 21 – May 21

Flattery will go a long way with you during this Valentine’s Day, but be cautious of someone who is just buttering you up for a big favour.  Compliments are only valuable when there is no hidden agenda behind the words.  Look on admirers with a smidgen of scepticism.  You’re in charge but not everyone is on board with that.  Perhaps they are envious of your success and enjoy nothing more than throwing a spanner in the works, any feeble gesture to stop you in your tracks.  It won’t be the first time either! But you are smarter than that, you can see them coming!! Someone close introduces you to a new friend who will be immediately attracted to your charismatic and dynamic personality. It goes without saying that you are used to compliments.  Love and romance will get extremely intense and your ideas are deepening about how you see your long term future with a love partner.  Gone are the days when a casual fling was termed as ‘fun’.  These days you find one night stands and having to put up with silly conversations as plain boring.  You want more out of life.  You want the real thing and are not prepared to settle for second best this time, so gear up for a lot of happy times and arranging lots of romantic holidays and spontaneous weekends away.   There is nothing you can’t handle and if you think lucky, you will be lucky.


May 22 – June 22

Your great energy is helping you to attract the kind of lovers and romantic partners who want more than just a platonic friendship.  You enjoy companions who are great conversationalists, well informed, spontaneous and full of exciting ideas and more importantly, intelligent and engaging.  Looks are only skin deep so you will be looking beyond the surface at what lies beneath that polished veneer.  It’s important to be direct with your new playmate.  You should have no problem in asserting yourself in making your terms perfectly clear because some of you may not want commitment, just a bit of light hearted fun, no strings attached, but watch out, not everyone is capable of playing the game by your rules.  Someone may get hurt once you are not attracting the attention you demand and boredom starts setting in.  It won’t be long before you show more interest in chasing new rainbows because it’s more exciting and there is always the prospect of getting tangled up in something extremely complicated that you find strangely exciting.   If you are already in a very happy, content and settled relationship, exciting plans start to come together heralding the beginning of a brand new lifetime journey with your twin flame, your one and only, true soul mate and there is a hint of wedding bells before too long for many of you.


June 23 – July 23

Get ready for the most romantic day of the year.  It’s all about love notes, flowers and holding hands, and yet there is something lying beneath the surface that is evoking feelings of great concern.  Perhaps you are feeling anxious about people you care about deeply or situations that you have no control over, but wish you possessed a magic wand to make everything right for the ones you love the most.  If you believe in miracles and angels, you are in for some very wonderful surprises that will lead to celebrations being organised with you centre stage and your love partner centre stage.  You and your friends will all be in such a merry, joyful mood.  It’s as though you have overcome a perilous time that is private to you and not the rest of the world and have reason to feel mightily relieved.  Now you can both make those all-important plans for a wonderfully happy future together.   If single, try something new.  It’s time to hoof yourself out of that rut, get out there and meet new people.  If it’s been a very long time since you seriously connected romantically with anyone, never say never, because an admirer is waiting in the wings to join forces with you in the hope of creating a very good first impression and after the initial teething problems are straightened out, a chance to make a go of things.   You are in for a number of amazing surprises, all of which are totally unexpected and in some ways, breath-taking.


July 24 – August 23

The significant arrival of Valentine’s Day will not only set your heart and pulse racing, but you will soon get the answers to some questions about a friend or lover who has been puzzling you.  If you feel someone has been keeping secrets from you, all will be revealed.  At last you will have a better idea of what is going on.  If you are in a long term relationship, your partner will draw your attention to the fact that it’s time to either knuckle down and make some long term plans, or call the whole thing off.  Whatever your situation, there is going to be a lot of drama going on both behind the scenes and in front of a participating audience.  People love to give their ten penneth worth, even when it doesn’t involve them one jot.  They all see themselves as relationship counsellors and often can’t resist contributing an opinion.  Even though you are loath to admit it, you love being the centre of attention and in your philosophy, there is no such thing as over exposure.  You make life interesting for just about everyone, including those existing in another galaxy.   Making some good and useful connections within your social circle is incredibly important.  Your sharp mind will not miss an opportunity whether it’s romantic or professional.  Singletons, you are in for a massive surprise.  Someone new is about to sweep you off your feet.  You’ve never had a relationship develop so quickly with such intensity before and it’s going to prove testing in more ways than one.


August 24 – September 23

Enjoy some playtime this Valentine’s Day.  Indulge your love of art and culture.  Romance grows whilst you are having fun.  This may be a difficult period for some people but it could prove a memorable, romantic holiday for those ready to fall madly in love.  Meeting and mixing with unusual people opens your eyes to new experiences, some of which will prove most entertaining and amusing. An old flame refuses to give up hope of reconciliation, bombarding you with tons of attention, but are you really that interested in re-kindling that particular set of complicated circumstances, or are you in the market for something new? During daylight hours you are sensible, structured and display professional sophistication.  The real truth that lies beneath is smouldering, passionate, daring and adventurous behind closed door.  Not everyone knows this and many would have difficulty in believing it, but then, they don’t really know you do they? The secret side of you is intent on throwing caution to the wind and your heart is set on dipping your toe in uncharted waters knowing that raising your game will test you to the limits.  On-line dating is proving a popular sport.  If single and bored with twiddling your thumbs, home alone, why not make contact with someone you can easily connect with on all levels?  What do you have to lose? Nothing ventured, nothing gained.


September 24 – October 23

It’s time to take a reality check.  Have you been hanging onto a lost cause, clutching at straws even, in the hope that things may get better if you hold in there and not be the first one to walk away?  Perhaps you are finally running out of patience and now making a stand by making an admission that ‘enough is enough’.  If you are not being cherished nor appreciated by your current partner, then it looks as though you are facing a critical make or break scenario.  If you are looking for love, there is a chance that you will meet your soul mate at a social get together or other major celebration.  Eyes across a crowded room and all that.  Sounds cheesy but these things often start this way.  Just when you are looking and feeling your very worst, someone starts chatting you up and then the rest is history.  Fate, life, what is meant for you will not by pass you, so don’t lose hope because the planets are working overtime in your favour.   This time you are upping your game and raising your standards.  You want a partner who is going to make a big effort in keeping you interested and making you the centre of his or her world.  It’s a case of once bitten, twice shy.  This Valentine’s Day sees an enormous shift taking place in your expectations of a lover.  Previously, friends have lent you their shoulders to weep on and comforted you in your time of need.  This time you will be the friend in need and no finer friend can be found when it comes to the subject of matters of the heart.


October 24 – November 22

Love is one long passionate affair because you are hot, romantic and ready for action, but you have not always felt this way.  Perhaps you have been forced to live alone for what has seemed like an eternity because you have needed that time to find yourself and decide which new direction to walk in.  It’s not a case of you needing anyone, but maybe you have reached a point in your life where you feel ready to partner up with someone to embark on a brand new adventure with.  Look for someone who is intelligent, well read, well informed, impeccably mannered, solvent and most importantly, truthful.  You dislike liars and deceivers intensely and can smell them at 1000 paces.  Your built in radar and fool proof gut feelings always warn you of danger.  Once you didn’t listen or failed to understand the signals, but these days you are more clued up than ever before and the good news is, that special person does exist and you are going to meet him or her soon.   Discovering this level of happiness will even leave you astounded because you are one of the most sceptical signs of the zodiac regarding romance.  Your relationship will involve lots of travelling to new places that are breathtakingly beautiful and where new memories can be made.


November 23 – December 21

Valentine’s Day heralds a turning point in your fortunes that will afford you the opportunity to meet new people and make new friends.  It’s a wonderful scenario if you are single and looking for something more than just fun and frolics with no strings attached.  There seems to be a deeper stirring taking place within your soul that is unleashing a red hot passion within you that is creating much interest within your family and social circle.  Perhaps they have never seen you blossom and grow this way before. Previously, you may have been content with playing the field and even taking a few dangerous risks because you love to be daring and have often played with fire.  Now, all this playing around is beginning to wear thin, to the point of boring you rigid because there is never anything at the end of it all except disappointment.  You want someone genuine to love and to feel loved by who is going to walk by your side, loyally and faithfully forever.  You want more than just a casual, no strings attached affair; you want lasting commitment and foundations to build a new life upon.  Those who thought they knew you well will be shocked by your sudden change of heart.  Maybe they viewed you as the eternal party animal who refused to grow up?  With the right partner by your side, there is nothing to stop you from spiritually evolving and prospering into someone who is admired and very much respected by the people who matter the most to you.


December 22 – January 20

What is supposed to be the most romantic day of the year arrives with a bunch of surprises in more ways than one. Not only are you in for a fun ride, you are about to experience heights of passion that may also cause some anxiety, so do the sensible thing and be prepared for extremes of just about everything.  Do not be surprised if you get to date that special someone you have been admiring for quite a while.  A former partner who refuses to let go is thinking of taking that leap of faith and taking the plunge in wooing you back into his or her favours again.  This may all sound a bit scary, but when it comes to terms of love, it’s the one time you tend to listen to your heart rather than your mind.  With all this activity taking place, you are well advised to take extra care of your health by not overdoing it on too many late nights, downing far too many glasses of champagne – none of which will have cost you anything other than the pleasure of your company with the person you desire the most and arriving home at sunrise with only the dawn chorus for company.  Make the most of this lucky period because you are in the driving seat and you must not allow anyone to rain on your parade.  Endeavour to make this Valentine’s Day an amazing one to cherish forever.


January 21 – February 19

The romantic season comes with a message to take it easy.  Although you are known for your amorous ways, your full on, manic lifestyle is starting to take its toll, so you need to listen to your body. You can only party and burn the candle for so long before bags develop under your eyes and the unwanted surplus weight piles on in all the wrong places.   You might see your love life suffering due to what is called ‘flirting over the top’, so hold your horse and don’t get carried away too much with the ‘love chariot’. The whole of this year focuses on your love life and personal relationships.  Work will have to take a back seat for a while, but even so, it will see you endeavouring to juggle lots of balls in the air simultaneously. Going on dates proves to be enormous fun but keep your eyes wide open.  You might think you know people really well, but sometimes they manage to surprise you by not turning out to be who you thought they were.  So do not take people on face value and don’t make the mistake of trusting too much, or you might face a set back and this will inevitably come at a great cost.   You might even find yourself riding two love boats both at the same point of time and usually the outcome of such liaisons can turn out to be quite dangerous.  Someone always ends up getting hurt, including you.  Be discreet and be careful in whom you place your confidences as no secret is safe once uttered and the beans are spilled.


February 20 – March 20

You may well be far too busy with work and other commitments than to bother with the business of love and romance until you have more time to devote to it or in some cases, to the right individual. This attitude will not go down particularly well with a certain person who is determined to win your heart, but it will take more than a bunch of flowers and a box of chocs to impress you. ‘Attention Seekers’ take note; you will not cut any ice with a Pisces this Valentine’s Day if you insist on playing childish mind games. They can see straight though you and are better game players than you are. You will be more interested in examining the state of not only your own finances, but also keen to know just how much in the bank your lover has actually accumulated. There was a time, long ago when none of this would have actually rang true, but considering the complex journey of your love life, you have finally woken up and smelt the roses. The greatest romantic aphrodisiac of all is demonstrating to your lover that you are not actually interested in their party tricks. You are the one who expects to be wooed and sufficiently entertained these days. You are not about to settle for second best or anyone who isn’t serious about their intentions, so play it cool. Your patience will only go so far and there are only so many compromises you are prepared to make before getting totally fed up and finding a new playmate who comes up to the mark and ticks all the boxes.

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