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Ideal Meetings

Hello Readers,

During the course of our lives we all meet lots of different types of people, some of whom remain and walk beside us whilst others disappear into oblivion, we don’t always know where they’ve come from or where they are journeying to. There are those people who when meet for the first time feel that meeting each other was the whole purpose of our lives . For all the choices available, the odds of actually even meeting are enormous and the miracle of our paths crossing must be grasped.

If you have carefully studied and examined hundreds of people during the course of your life, people watching, it means you have literally read hundreds of books because we each have our own personal story to tell. We meet many people and they each become chapters in our stories as we also become chapters in theirs. Wherever we travel to and from, some of the wonderful people we meet along the way can become our extended family.

We don’t meet any more by chance, everything is meant to be. There are no accidents nor coincidences in this world because everything which happens to us, including the meeting of people, is done by perfect timing, synchronisation and always destined for a purpose. Often , certain people we meet can succeed in making a substantial impact upon our spiritual or intellectual development because of their examples and teachings, and we all have important life lessons to learn along the twisted pathway of our journey of the soul.

We meet the people we are supposed to when the time is just right. Of course we are bound to meet a lot of temporary people who are only passing through, but there is always a strong chance that we could meet that special, beautiful person or pet, who will be with us till the end of our days, a soulmate or a twin south.

How wonderful it is to be with those people that we meet unexpectedly by chance and who invite us to be brave enough to live our life again.

Until Next Week,

Love and Light,

Linda and The Lulas xxx

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