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Hello Readers,

There are people who think they are other people and are often heavily influenced by them. Their thoughts are someone else’s opinions and their lives a mimicry, a combined effort of everyone they know. They find it easier to live through someone else rather than to think for themselves. The freedom to plan and lead their own lives seems frightening and daunting to them and so they end up running around in one great circle and meeting themselves at the starting line again. They wear masks, they don’t really know who they are and they wouldn’t know if you asked them.

Don’t make the mistake of losing yourself because you have found somebody who you hope will fill an empty void in your soul. So many people rush blindly into relationships because they fear being single and alone. Then they start agreeing to make compromises they know are wrong, yet they still make them, and so lose their identity in the process. They want to be liked and mistake many things for love.

We can spend our lives letting the world tell us who we are, letting history dictate how good or bad we are, letting our past decide our future, or we can decide for ourselves. Never let yourself to be bullied into silence nor allow yourself to be made a victim.

Once you establish your identity, it becomes your strength so it can never become your weakness. You are a free spirit with an independent will.

It’s easy to forget who you are when you find yourself wrapped up in someone else or a gang of other people. All to easily a close circle of friends can resemble a cage, all squeezing and suffocating the life out of you. Whist you are in the midst of emotionally drowning in your obsession of being like them, have you ever thought that really it’s they who want to be more like

Your uniqueness is your identity, so keep hold of it and guard it with your life. To be noticed in a crowd, you have to be different from everyone else. Above all , you must make

yourself so secure that when someone walks away from you they don’t take you with them. When you discover who you are, you will be free.

Until Next Week,

Love and Light,

Linda and The Lulas xxx

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