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If It Doesn’t Challenge You, It Won’t Change You

Hello Readers,

The moment you stop accepting challenges is the moment you stop learning and going forwards. Each day we all have had our ups and our downs, but that doesn’t mean we should suffer in silence or ignorance for the rest of our lives. You must always be vigilant and make sure you’re prepared for the unexpected because rarely do any plans run smoothly.

The decisions you make each day are either building you up or tearing you down. What you focus and meditate your thoughts and how you use your time sets the course for your future. The difference between world changers and stagnant drifters all comes down to the ability to recognising opportunities and then seizing them. It’s not always destruction that keeps us from our destiny, it’s distraction and wayward thinking. To succeed in anything you need to find something to hold on to. Associate with people who stories inspire and motivate you and, in turn, do the exact same for others because it is this positivity that makes the world go round.

You can never do for someone what they are not willing to do for themselves. ‘God helps them which help themselves’. You are not someone’s answer, entertainment value nor unpaid social worker. You are a living example of what the right answer can do in someone’s life if they are prepared to wake up and get a grip instead of continually procrastinating by playing the victim card. If you let sharks call the shots, control, and manipulate you, this train of thought will lead you down a road of burnout, hopelessness and abject failure. Daily challenges and all their rich rewards will not wait and life does not look back.

Sometimes life will be awesome and at another time, blurry. During the journey of life, some days it will be more colder than warmer, and at other times, more warmer than colder. Be it rough or smooth, good or bad, we must accomplish the task in hand. Giving in or surrendering is not an option. It’s about survival of the fittest. The strong live whilst the weak and feeble perish. We live in a highly competitive world, so have to work very hard if we are to succeed at anything.

Our survival depends on us staying alive and using our abilities to stay awake whilst others are somewhere In twilight zone and to be prepared to adjust to new ideas, to remain flexible, alert and to always embrace the challenge of change.

Love and light,

Linda and the Lulas xxx

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