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Hello Readers,

Independence is a state of mind that allows you to pursue life and freedom is nothing but a chance to become even better than you were the day before.

The more decisions you are forced to make alone, the stronger you will become. There can be nothing worse than finding yourself trapped or stuck in a situation discovering that you have temporarily or permanently lost your independence and have to rely upon others until the time comes when you can once again able to stand up on your own two feet and start doing things for yourself.

But for some people, this isn’t necessarily the case because they perhaps enjoy others rallying around, doing things for them and will happily allow this scenario to continue because it suits both their needs and their wallet. However, there are occasions in our lives when we all genuinely do need help and also when we are happy to offer help to others. That is a completely different matter. It’s when people start taking advantage or a person begins to feel taken for granted where the problems begin.

Being independent and free isn’t doing your own thing, it’s doing the right thing, but on your own, in your own way. Its stating the fact that you are very much your own person and more than capable of making your own choices. Its demonstrating both to the world and yourself that anything is possible, it’s just that you have to want to do it enough.

Never feel bad or guilty for making decisions that make you happy and that are right for you. If others do not like this new, strong, independent, resourceful you, then perhaps they have a secret agenda tucked up their sleeve that you haven’t noticed, up until now, that is.

To thine own self, always be true.

Until Next Week,

Love and Light,

Linda and The Lulas xxx

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