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Your intuition is connected to the 6th Chakra in your subtle energy system. It is know as your Third Eye. Without intuition, you are no different to a computer because you only make decisions based on facts, and you don’t always have all the facts. Even some of the worlds greatest scientists and logical thinkers of all time have made their greatest discoveries based on flashes of intuition. Think of Isaac Newton and the apple that fell on his head or Archimedes shouting ‘Eureka!’ in his bathtub.

I always listen to my gut instincts. Its that strange, weird feeling that you feel in your stomach when something is wrong. How many times have you met a new person and have taken an instant dislike to them? You have only connected for a few seconds, yet instantly, you know something isn’t right, or you meet a person and form an instant attachment to them, because you feel comfortable in their company? The best advice I can offer anyone if such a feeling washes over you is to go with your instincts and put a lot of healthy distance between yourself and the person and situation concerned.

Animals have a profoundly, highly developed sixth sense. My Lulas know exactly when to warn me about certain people or situations and have been proved factually correct and bang on the nail with their accuracy each and every time. One excellent example are trained guide dogs. Their blind owners depend on these fantastic dogs to watch out for them and inform them of any oncoming dangers.

Through years of personal experience, I have learnt never to go against my intuition. If social invitations have to be declined or arrangements to meet up cancelled, I act instantly. I don’t even bother waiting any more. I trust what I am ‘feeling’ and I am always proved right in the end. Its only when you go against your better judgement that things start to go wrong. Neither do I ever give anyone the benefit of the doubt either. In my world, things are either ‘black’ or white’, there are no grey areas because to me, grey areas can be likened to looking at the facts and reality through a pair of grubby net curtains. By trusting my feelings regarding numerous situations, I have saved myself a lot of unwanted hassle, and you can too, if you just listen to your inner voice more, because that is what it is there for.

Neuroscience and research has shown that we have complex brains in both our heart and gut. These brains have memories and intelligence. Your gut and heart brains know when something isn’t right and will tell you through feelings, hunches, imagery and gut messages. Sometimes things in our life give us feelings of fear, nervousness and apprehension and these are the feelings that make us realise what we are about to do or what is going to happen is not good for us. So its important to recognise times when we experience such feelings and act upon them accordingly, for our own good.
I have noticed that many of the people who are ‘people pleasers’, who are too afraid to upset anyone and the ones that ‘go along with things’ using the ‘excuse’, ‘anything for a peaceful life’, are the very same individuals that go against their better judgement. And when things do go wrong and don稚 work out, its only then that they confess that the ‘knew’ they should have said or done something to prevent such a disastrous outcome, but didn’t. They are also the ones who are nearly always either riddled with guilt or very happy to point the finger of blame at everyone else.

Until Next Week,

Love and Light,

Linda and The Lulas xxx

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