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Its All About Christmas 2021

Hello Readers,

It’s that time of the year again and once again December has arrived with all the joys of Christmas. The mad shoppers fighting and scrapping over bargains on Black Friday and Manic Monday. Plastic credit cards splintering at the edges as the tills ring loudly in all the shops and over the internet and people getting themselves hopelessly into debt just so that Christmas can happen.

We read and listen to lots of various articles in the about how to survive Christmas with the In-laws and the Outlaws, and how not to get overly stressed whilst stuck in the kitchen attempting to cook yet another variation of just another Sunday Lunch. Once The Queens Speech is done and dusted, lots of are positioned in front of the telly moaning about all the repeat programmes, no value for money, yet doing nothing different about anything much.

Christmas can be the most magical and wonderful time of the year, for some, but not for everyone. Christmas always manages evoke all kinds of emotions within our hearts based on past experiences, some good and some incredibly sad, depending on

our individual, personal circumstances. Some people are incredibly blessed and appear to others as ‘having it all’ whilst so many struggle in the depths of despair just to try to keep their heads above water. I have witnessed many relationships and friendships dissolve during the festive period, whilst other people have found true love and happiness that have led to romantic engagements and marriages that have taken place at Christmas.

Many people say that Christmas is for children and not for grownups, but this is not always true. Surely, we are all big kids at heart and wish and hope for a little bit of Christmas magic and sparkle to touch our hearts at such a special time of year. My beautiful little family and I and The Lulas always begin the festivities the first weekend in December. We make a point of visiting the Pantomime, Christmas Markets and admiring all the twinkling trees and lights in the shop windows. Yes, of course we could all easily stay home alone and suck on humbugs, but as with everything, every occasion is what you make it. What is in your heart and in your mind will reflect on how you perceive your life and how you choose to either celebrate it or not bother at all.

One thing I have learned in life that is so very valuable is that ‘Our health is our Wealth’ because without good health, it’s very difficult to enjoy anything at all. Another is the love of a good family and close friends, because there are times when we all need a helping hand and others need our assistance, kindness and caring also. If you do find yourself at a loose end or just want to get out of the house because you want a change of scenery, then go out there and offer your help, friendship, generosity, compassion and understanding to another soul because one act of kindness can change a person’s future, including your own. Christmas is not a time for showing off about who lives in the biggest house, cooks the fattest turkey, or gives the most obscenely expensive Xmas gift all wrapped up in fancy foil, bows, ribbons and bells. It’s got nothing at all to do with how much you have accomplished during the past year or how big a pay rise you have been given for good behaviour, towing the line, playing the game, smiling, and nodding. It’s about who you have lifted up, who you have made feel better and given hope to, who you have shared your time with and asked for nothing in return. It’s all about ‘What You Have Given Back’.

On behalf of my family, The Lulas and I, may the love, joy and happiness of the season be with you all this Christmas and in the coming year.

Until The New Year,

Love and Light,

Linda and The Lulas xxx

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