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It’s Never Too Late

Hello Readers,

It’s never too late to start over again. Every new day presents you with an opportunity to learn from past experiences and strive to do things differently than before. Be brave enough to have a few regrets because there is no shame in acknowledging that knowing all that you know now, you would do so many things differently. We are all beyond flawed and only supposed to look straight ahead. It’s hard to cut ties with our deepest feelings and ignore our most treasured and meaningful memories. Today, learn to breathe, reflect, absorb and learn. You’re not a failure because things haven’t worked out the way you hoped and you are not loveless because of the love you lost. You are not destined to be alone because certain people have turned away from you. Never let anyone judge you or stick a label on you. You are individual, unique and beautiful, never meant to fit into anyone else’s empty mould. You can and will survive, just believe in yourself. The most beautiful people you will ever meet are not perfect, they are the ones with a beautiful heart and soul.

Until Next Week,

Love and Light,

Love from Me and The Lulas xxx

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