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Laugh at Yourself…

Hello Readers,
One of the most endearing qualities anyone can have is to have a good sense of humour. Without humour, where would any of us be? Life is tough enough for all of us. Each day we face unexpected challenges, problems, people and stuff that get in our way and real life is never that easy, but if we look hard enough, there is always a silver lining in every black cloud.
Everyone warms to people who can laugh at themselves and make a joke and laugh with others, along side them, but never, ever at others, because that is cruel and unacceptable. People who take pleasure in laughing at others are really showing that they think they are better than the people they are ridiculing and making fun of. And if they laugh at them, then we naturally think that maybe, next time they will be laughing at us, behind our backs and no one likes that, but it will be true, because that? what they do.
The best jokes are always against ourselves. It shows, character, humility and grace. Sometimes its hard not to take life too seriously, depending on the circumstances you are dealing with and there is a time and place to deal with these serious situations in the most dignified, compassionate and understanding ways.
Great people make you feel good about yourself. They build others up, they pay compliments and utter words of support and encouragement. They don’t pull others down to push themselves up.
So laugh at yourself, not others. Build others up before yourself, and talk well, not nastily about others in public.
Remember, how you speak about others speaks loudest about yourself……
Until Next Week,

Love and Light,
Linda and The Lulas xxx

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