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Hello Readers,

In every family, society, country, government, kingdom, there is always a ‘head of state’ born heir, elected leader, self-appointed leader, dictator, Pope, head of department, wolf leader of the pack, King, Queen etc., There always has to be someone who is the centre of the powerhouse because each tribe whether human or animal needs a leader and if need be, they will fight for that position in a leadership contest in a ‘may a best man win’ outcome. The Matriarch or Patriarch of the family represents the family core strength and unity. Their role is to offer guidance, support and wisdom and who should be a source of strength and not fear.

A strong leader becomes the teacher and true leaders so not create followers, they inspire others to become good leaders after them. The most powerful leaders know that the buck always stops with them and when things go wrong, it is they who are accountable for the victory or failure of their clan, not passing the blame onto others and hiding in the face of adversity.

Everybody wants to be successful until they see what it takes and how many sacrifices they have to make. The most powerful leadership skills and tools you can make use of is simply by setting a good example to others and respecting them and yourself by not putting your own good reputation at risk. Always be true to yourself and others, keep your promises and remember that a lot of people will look up to you, depend on you and need you because they trust you.

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Love and Light,

Linda and The Lulas xxx

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