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Letting Go Of Surplus Stuff

Hello Readers,

Decide on what your priorities are and work on them rather than waste time living in the past and wishing things were different. Memories are exactly what they are, memories, and none of them can be changed, but we can make a huge difference to our future by looking at things differently and thinking more positively.

By working on self-improvement and self-development and paying more attention to your good health and well-being you will begin to appreciate just what is possible and what can be achieved once you put your mind to it and refuse to be swayed by negative people who have little or no purpose in their lives. From a higher spiritual perspective your powers of intuition will be heightened and if you choose to be happy rather than sit wallowing in self-pity and self-absorbent, this will help to shift a few old issues that insist on resurfacing and cause you to feel irritable. You are living in some very exciting times and one of the most important things is discovering who you really are and in which direction you must go in next. Your powers of communication will improve greatly because your confidence is growing and so this a good time to speak with depth and clarity which will command the respect you so rightly deserve.

The secret is to pace yourself taking one step at a time. As with any set of circumstances we must all deal with from time to time, look upon everything as an opportunity to grow, shift and evolve as well as move beyond any old ways of fragmented energy you have been carrying around you especially those which no longer serves you well. Allow the magical forces surrounding and embracing you to help transform your life but remember, you too must also put a lot of effort in if you are to realise your goals. There are no elevators to achieving success, you have to take the stairs.

Until Next Week,

Love and Light,

Linda and The Lulas xxx

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