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Life is too short….

If you want to be successful in your life, you need to be aware that there are two groups of people that co-exist and can be found in almost every square inch of this planet….. First, there are those who lift you up, are positive about life, have energy and enthusiasm, they walk their walk, talk their walk and generally make you feel great to be alive…. This particular species of the human race are called ‘Joy Givers’…. And then there are the second group….and they are called the ‘Joy Drainers’… They are the moaners and complainers whose sole intention is to bring you down to their level of inactivity….. They are not the group of people to associate with if you want to make things happen and be happy….

So, if you want to get on in life, then do the only sane thing and that is to hang out with the positive, smart people, the ones who feel life is an exciting challenge and who are prepared to go that extra mile in order to make their dreams come true. These sort of people have interesting points of view, who make you feel good talking with them because if you spend enough time with them, their vibrant energy will eventually rub off on you….. but also be aware of the fact that if you spend enough time with negative types, their special brand of doom and gloom will gradually drag you far enough down to join them in their dark, miserable abyss….

So maybe its time to think about clearing out the clutter in your life. Ask yourself which ones you can honestly say make you….

Feel enthusiastic about seeing them?

Make you rise to every challenge?

Make you laugh and smile and generally make you feel great about yourself?

Support you, nurture you and encourage you?

Stimulate you with new ideas, new concepts and new direction?

And which ones make you;

Feel depressed after you have spoken or seen them?

Make you feel angry, dejected or criticised?

Squash your ideas and pour cold water on your plans?

Don’t take you seriously?

Make you feel like an utter failure?

So….take a few moments to do some very deep serious thinking and heart searching…. always follow your instincts and remember…. life is too short to be unhappy…..

To thine own self be true…..
Until next week,

Love and Light,,

Linda and The Lulas xxxx

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