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Hello Readers,

Not so long ago it was suggested to me that I should make a ‘Bucket List’ of all the things I wanted to do before I left this planet once and for all. I have read about people recovering from terrible illnesses, accidents, divorce, separation and bereavement or survive a massive ordeal that forces them to re-evaluate their lives and so they get this idea that they must make a ‘Bucket List’ and then proceed to urgently start doing mad crazy things before it’s too late. Some do things that are completely mad like never having ridden a horse in their life before and attempt to ride on bare back on a white sandy beach and promptly fall off and die of their injuries. Other people dream of riding a Harley across the world or do a sky dive, get a tattoo or join a Swingers Club just to stave off a midlife crisis because everyone else is winding them up about growing older and missing out on life.

The one thing about Bucket Lists is not what is actually on them as much when you look at this situation closely, all it really is, is an artificial, make belief, roller coaster drawn up as an admission of what you have ‘missed out’ on during your lifetime so far. Have you ever noticed that its nearly always other people who write your Bucket List for you, but when push comes to shove, they themselves would never dream of doing anything quite as bonkers as what they expect you to partake in? It’s as though you have suddenly become their entertainment value? Ask them to have a go themselves at some of their farfetched suggestions and out roll all the excuses, mainly that they can’t financially afford to splash the cash and go mad but they will happily spend yours for you.

It really is OK just to live the sort of life that you really want to because too much time is wasted on impressing people whose opinion of your life and how you live it, isn’t of any importance whatsoever. If you being happy means doing nothing remotely exciting other than devouring all the books on the shelves of your book case or walking your dogs, as I do with The Lulas, and your choices make you feel happy, then you are most definitely not missing out on anything.  I have noticed that the people who are forever chasing their tail, cannot stand still for five minutes in one place or always believing that the grass is greener over the fence, are unhappy, restless and unfulfilled in their own lives.  They do not always like the person they see in the mirror first thing each morning.  They cannot and do not enjoy their own company and so rely on other people and other stuff in an attempt to find happiness. I’ve known people to travel around the world looking for the ‘missing link’ in their lives only to discover it on their own doorstep. You must live in the present and find your happiness in every moment you are alive.  Fools stand on their island of opportunities and look towards another land for a fantasy better life than the one they are currently living, but in reality, there is no other life available than the one you are living right now, in this moment. Happiness is not  in another place, but in this place, not waiting for another hour to arrive, but in this hour, the one you are already in.  We are so all so busy watching what is ahead of us that we don’t take time to enjoy where we are and it’s so easy to believe that other people are having a better time of it than we are, when in actual fact, those very same people will already think that we are living the life that they would like for themselves.

It’s important to realise that the present moment is all you have, so making enjoying what you are doing ‘Now’ your primary focus because you have absolutely nothing to prove to anyone.

Until Next Week,

Love and Light,

Linda and The Lulas xxx

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