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Living In The Past

Hello Readers

It’s so easy to wonder what life would have been like had we not made the choices we made. Recovering from mistakes may not be easy, but we learn more from our capabilities, talents and gifts by taking risks, making life changing decisions than staying put in our nice, safe cosy comfort zones. You may worry about what will happen if a venture or particular scenario comes to an end, but the real question is what might happen if it doesn’t?

No matter what your position may be, good, bad or indifferent, remember that nothing lasts forever and nothing remains the same because change is inevitable and what will be will be. It is how we deal with stuff that matters as it comes along because this no matter how many regrets you may have, you cannot turn the clock backwards to transport you back to where you once where.

Our minds play tricks and we all have selective memories. People often go around wearing rose tinted spectacles talking about the good old days and how things were once so much better than they are now, but what they fail to conveniently remember is that even previously, the past was still littered with some very different problems, some of which were much harder and tougher to resolve than the ones they are facing today and if you notice, they do not always appreciate being reminded of those facts either. If we keep on raking up the past and trying to live there yet again, we will miss what good fortune is coming our way on the horizon and windows of opportunity do not last long, they get snapped up by someone else who is bright eyed and ambitions.

Life teaches us experience and provides us with the tools to deal with events as they present themselves and the older we become, the more wisdom we accumulate which is why it probably gets easier to deal with stuff as we get older because we have grown, developed and evolved to become the people who we are today.

The key words for survival are patience, acceptance and realisation and taking one day at a time. Always listen to your inner voice before making any decisions and if in doubt, do nowt because things have a habit of resolving themselves in the fullness of time.

Until Next Week,

Love and Light,

Linda and The Lulas xxx

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