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Look After Yourself…

Hello Readers,

It makes sense to look after yourself. You are the Boss, the Captain, the Driving Force. If you are sick, who is going to run the ship?

An occasional quick body service is a very good idea. A regular medical check up to nip any potential problems in the bud can save a lot of worry and stress in the long term.

I am a big believer in fresh air and exercise. The Lulas take me for a good walk three times a day, come rain or shine, it makes no difference. Each morning I go for swim because I enjoy nothing more than a good stretch in the water because the whole experience re vitalizes me and sets me up for the day ahead.

There are some foods that are like dynamite and they fill you with energy, speed your metabolism and make you feel great! Other foods make you sluggish, get stored as fat and slow you down. They might also do you long term damage in the way of clogging up bits. The choice is always entirely yours, but the machine that is you runs better on high energy food and worse on junk food.

Its the same with sleep. Going without makes you tired. Having too much makes you lethargic. Getting the right amount makes you feel good. But of course, all this is entirely up to you. No one is going to stand behind you any more to make sure you have washed behind your ears and eaten all your greens, or check that you have polished your shoes. You are a grown up now and its your duty to take personal responsibility for your own well being. Successful people eat well, sleep well, relax a lot, take exercise. They also stay away from potentially harmful situations. They know how to stay out of danger, avoid threatening encounters and generally take care of themselves.

I make a point of surrounding myself with positive people. The negative variety are joy drainers and incredibly selfish and self centered and incredibly hard going, as I am sure you have encountered these types yourself??

The same rules apply to our pets. We are responsible for their well being. They rely on us for absolutely everything and in return give us unconditional love. The Lulas are very clean, smart pooches. The adore being groomed, brushed and sprayed with ‘poodle perfume’. They enjoy a well balanced diet and love to go out for a jolly good run. It gives me great pleasure to see them so healthy and happy and they need me to stay well, because if anything happens to me, who will look after them?? It does not bear thinking about, so I personally make a point of doing my level best to stay well.

Looking after yourself is not relying on anyone else to make sure you are fed and watered on time, washed and ready to go. Its great being grown up. Sometimes you get to stay up all night and party if you want to, burning the midnight oil, but you can also choose to take care of yourself if you want to.

Until next week,

Love and Light,

Linda and The Lulas xxx

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