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Make Time For Yourself

Hello Readers,

How many times have you heard people tell you that as we all get older, time seems to go faster. The days disappear into weeks, months and years and before we know it, we are another year older and realise that there is no reset button to hit and we have to face the harsh reality that time waits for no one.

We all lead crazy, busy lives filled with family and work commitments and being dictated to by a time table. One thing we never seem to have time for is ourselves. Not only that, we can often feel incredibly overwhelmed by others demanding huge chunks of our time for one reason or another. There are times when we can cope with the demands of life easily, but if we are ill, run down, frazzled and fighting exhaustion, then doing chores and making decisions is a lot more difficult and that is when there is a danger of driving yourself so hard that you begin to develop symptoms of ‘burn out’, where you are no good to either yourself nor anyone else.

Creating more personal time tops the lists and goals of many people but this is often more easily said than done because in theory, everything sounds easy until we try to put ideas into action and then other outside influences come into the equation. One of the most difficult lessons to learn is how to say ‘No’ and mean it. By putting distance between you and outside distractions, you will begin to relax and feel so much more empowered because you have succeeded in putting down some very necessary and important boundaries. Do remember, there are only 24 hours in the day so you cannot create any more extra time but you can make some space by reevaluating priorities and being very selective with whom you choose to spend your time with.

When the going gets tough in my world, The Lulas and I take ourselves off for a jolly good brisk walk and some much welcomed and needed fresh air, and we do this in all weathers, if only for a few minutes. It clears the head, enables us to think a bit straighter and burns up a few calories whist we are marching up and down those busy fields, along an empty beach or where ever we choose to find some much deserved peace and quiet. But it doesn’t matter what ways you find of relaxing, be it listening to music, painting, sewing, knitting, playing chess, doing a jig saw, reading a book, taking a warm bubble bath, whatever your preferences are, sometimes we just need to disconnect from other people and the outside world in order to enjoy our own company in the hope of restoring a little bit of sanity before returning to the treadmill of life and starting all over again. Always remember, a slight tweak to your time table, a small shift of energy and taking a few steps backwards can make an enormous difference to your moods and the sort of decisions you are likely to make depending on how you are feeling.

And another little tip that I highly recommend. Never make decisions late at night or if you have been wining and dining because you won’t necessarily be thinking straight at those times. Always ‘sleep on things’ because everything can look different in the morning.

No one is capable of stopping your success or standing in your way unless you allow them to.

Until next week,

Love and Light,

Linda and The Lulas xxx

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