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Manipulative Tricksters!

Hello Readers,

Some people are extremely good at twisting stories so that the finger of blame is always pointed at you. These people never take personal responsibility for their actions or decision making and expect you to offer them a constant stream of solutions to all their problems. When your solutions are not longer good enough or perhaps don’t work out quite as expected, then you are saddled with the blame whilst they conveniently get off the hook, only to slither away in pursuit of someone more interesting than you, who is willing to listen to their ‘Sob Stories’.

These people arrive in all kinds of guises, which is why I never judge a book by its cover. Sometimes its the meek and mild ones with a ‘babyfied’ manner that you have to watch closest of all, because these types refuse to ‘grow up’ and expect everyone else to do all the running around after them.
They never put their money where their mouth is, they expect to be fetched and carried, taxied and chauffeured around, but never at their cost, and so they make a very comfortable career out of playing the ‘Victim’.

Never make the mistake of giving away all your power by apologising for something that is not your fault, just to keep the peace. Stand your ground and refuse to be browbeaten to submission because these people are always at the top of their agenda. No one else matters and nothing else is important. The conversation will always revert back to ‘them’ and how badly life has treated them.

I always make a point of creating a very healthy distance between myself and this sort of individual because they are joy drainers, not joy givers.
So if you ever find yourself in a similar situation, just take a few steps back, bide your time and just watch and see what begins to reveal itself. Time is a wonderful thing and in the fullness of time you will see what you will see, hear what you will hear and be glad that you remained strong, steadfast and true to yourself.

Until Next Week,

Love and Light,

Linda and The Lulasxxx

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