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Margaux Dale

Hello Readers,

Last Saturday evening I was invited by my very close friend, Lesley Dale to attend the finals of the ‘Miss Derbyshire’ competition because her lovely daughter, Margaux, had been selected to take part.

It was a most exciting and magnificent event. The best piece of advice that my friend Lesley gave her daughter was quite simply this. ‘If this contest is important to you, then don’t take part. If you are entering it because you want to enjoy it, have fun and learn from the experience, then by all means, give it a go’. Margaux came 3rd and shone like the star that she is.

However, in my opinion, all 21 contestants were true winners because they all made the effort to turn up and give it their best shot. It takes a lot of guts and courage to get up on a podium, speaking publically and being judged on your performance, despite knowing that there are always people ready to poke fun and criticise. It happens the world over, but these young ladies were not going to fall apart or be put off. They were all absolutely fantastic and should be supremely proud of themselves for taking part in the first place.
Every single contestant looked beautiful and it was evident that they were enjoying each moment even though it was nerve racking for them, but they had the love and support of friends and family who cared and believed in them, to get them through to the very end.

It was a remarkable and memorable occasion and I personally would like to wish each and every contestant all the very best of luck in life, may all your dreams come true and never, ever give up on trying and doing your very best.

You can never aim too high, only too low. Never limit your challenges…. always challenge your limits.

Until Next Week,

Love and Light,

Linda and The Lulasxxx

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