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Moving Forwards

Hello Readers,


Every day of our lives  we are faced with challenges, opportunities and pot holes littering the pathway we are fated to walk upon.  We are faced with making decisions, regardless of whether they are tough, life changing decisions or simple choices.  There are also times when the wisest choice of all is to stand back and do absolutely nothing, ‘non action’, because sometimes it’s better to allow circumstances to unravel themselves naturally, giving us a better view of what is really going on behind the scenes.   


In any moment of when a decision has to be made  have faith in your gut instincts when it comes to dealing with a situation that occupies your mind to the exclusion of everything else.  What other people think or say about your choices is none of their business because they are not walking in your shoes and have little or no idea how you really feel. They can only imagine how you feel, and that is not the same thing.  The secret of feeling good about yourself, strong and in charge is not to randomly give other people your power by believing that their opinion is better than yours, because it rarely is.  In order to make some positive progress you have to find the inner strength and courage to walk in a forwards direction.


A person who stands at the fork of the road , unable to pick which pathway to take, will never get anywhere.  And sometimes its best just to pick any road at all because each road leads to somewhere.  Our life journeys are all adventures and we never know what awaits us around the next corner.  It’s like driving a car along a country lane, excitedly anticipating what wonders lie around the next corner.  Nothing ventured, nothing gained.  It’s good to hoof ourselves out of our comfort zones once in a while just to know and feel that we are still alive. 


There are some people who will always be negative and critical about your choices, probably because they secretly envy your fighting spirit and optimism.  It’s important to be master of yourself, to take full responsibility for your own decision making and not blame everyone else for things that go wrong in your life. Every decision you make, makes you.  Never let other people choose who or what you are going to be.  One of the biggest mistakes people make is surrounding themselves with small minded people because they only serve to drain your energies.  People who are going everywhere will take you everywhere.  Every decision you make takes you one step closer to being wealthier in mind, body and spirit or one step further away. 


Those who do not move do not notice their chains. 


Until Next Week,


Love and Light,


Linda and The Lulas xxx

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