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Never Beg For Love

Hello Readers,

Never beg anyone to stay in your life. What is the point of wasting your time on people who only want you around when it suits their needs? People come and go, it’s the order of things in this life because nothing lasts forever, nothing remains the same and nothing is set in stone. Some relationships change so much that when you do finally see or speak to one another, you may find yourself struggling about what to say, what to talk about or how long you want to stay in their company. This is probably because you have changed so much to the person you used to be that some people will experience problems understanding you and accepting where you are at right now, at this moment in time, but these are their issues to address, not yours. We outgrow certain people and situations because our interests change and what was once important to us previously, is no more, so the only sensible thing is to move forwards and get on with life.

If someone wants to remain a part of your life, they will find a way to stay, no matter what. They are not going to insult your intelligence with a load of excuses as to why they have not made any effort whatsoever to keep in touch. Never make the mistake of constantly begging, pleading, texting, visiting and putting up with being treated badly and ignored. Walk away and close that door. It’s called, self-respect. If you are feeling currently anxious and uncertain about a certain relationship, don’t make the mistake of trying to force this person to stay with you. Let them roam free and find their own pathway. They have to be allowed to make their own decisions and not feel pressurised into doing anything something that they do not feel comfortable with. You cannot force anyone to do anything against their will, otherwise bitter resentment will start to creep in and they will only pull away harder and harder in an attempt to sever all ties with you. There is nothing worse nor lonely or more painful than being with someone who clearly does not want to be with you. What is meant to be will be, so if you are in any doubt at this stage or panicking, always remember there is something better awaiting you around the next corner because every dark cloud has a silver lining.

Anyone can come into your life and tell you how much they love you but the warning signs are when they are reluctant to show you what you want to see. It takes a very genuine and true person to show you how much they care and actions always speak louder than words.

Set yourself free from the shackles and chains that bind you to the wrong people and a life that is totally wrong for you.

Until Next Week,

Love and Light,

Linda and The Lulas xxx

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