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Never Doubt Your Ability

Hello Readers,

It’s now a time to review your situation and decide what you are going to do about a few matters that are causing you anxiety and frustration because only you have it in your power to create the necessary changes needed to start the ball rolling. Taking charge of our life, relationships and decision making matters because if you do not take control, something or someone else will do it for you, but if we allow this to happen, do not complain later that nothing is working out the way you would like..

Many of you will be looking for something more and better than what you currently have, but it’s just knowing where to start? The answers are all there, within you, but it’s when people doubt their ability and give in to a lack of self-belief that everything to them seems to go wrong. You are either a fighter or a quitter. During the course of my own life I have faced many grave challenges and situations, been let down and refused by many people over so many things close and dear to my heart, but what I have learned is that if you give up now, you will go through life giving up every time you face a hiccup.

If you have been recently disappointed or felt aggrieved by something, always remember that there are 7 billion people on this planet and if one person cannot help you, there will be someone somewhere who can, but you have to go out there and find all these things yourself because it’s doubtful that anyone else will, they are all busy and have their own stuff to deal with. During this very lucky year of the dog, you will be given the inner strength and physical and mental capacity to deal with whatever it is that is dragging you down and start making a few changes that are most probably long overdue and it’s taken until now for you to wise up to matters and start being your own boss.

The good news is that nothing lasts for ever and the bad news is that nothing lasts forever. Change and opportunity is everywhere, all around us, we just have to open our eyes and see.

Love from Me and The Lulas xxx

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