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Never Give Up In The Face Of Fear

Hello Readers,

Life is rarely straight forward, especially in this day and age when so much is expected of us and there are so many things we are being forced to cope with, adjust to and deal with, all in the name of survival. The secret is for us to all work together as a team by helping one another, offering support and the hand of friendship wherever possible because love really does matter the most. It is love, understanding and compassion that is helping to spiritually heal both the planet and us who are privileged enough to reside on it. There are bound to be good days and bad because that is how it is, we have to be realistic about these things. We must be prepared to take the rough with the smooth, but most of all show kindness to ourselves and to others, for none of us are excluded from all these testing times and none of us are going to get out of here alive. But we can learn important life lessons which will help us to develop, grow and evolve into better individuals, and after all this is over, far better than before.

Then the day came when she had to sit down and weep

For the path she was climbing was so very steep

She’d stumbled and fallen on the many twists and turns

But she took a deep breath and rose to her feet realizing she’d learned

All on her own she had learned to stand

And when she realized this she put out her hand

She knew that she had discovered a much better way

She began to write it all down to help show them the way

She found many others who had seen this light

And they gathered together night after night

Debating and discussing all they did know

Soon they all realized they were all continuing to grow

They began to work together one for another

Soon they identified as soul sister and brother

They began to realize that only way

Was to come back to centre and embrace the new day

We can each take a moment to stumble and fall

But remember you’re never alone at all

There are so many more who have awoken to this fight

Now is the time to remember and embrace our collective light!


Stay strong, stay safe and be happy. Like all other things, this too will pass and tomorrow is another new day.

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Until Next Time,

Love and Light,

Linda and The Lulas xxx

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