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Never Rush What Is Important

Hello Readers,

No one can magically get one’s act together because it’s all a matter of perfect timing.

There are many shortcuts to short term fixes, but there are no shortcuts to achieving true success. Yesterday’s errors of judgement become today’s nightmares, often because so many times people cannot be bothered to check the small print or to get back to the drawing board and start again, afresh.

Your life is a book from start to finish. You cannot skip any chapters because each one is vital to your soul journey and responsible for making you who you are today. There are no short cuts to anywhere worth going, only to those places we imagine but do nothing about. You cannot expect to grow stronger when you avoid facing up to who you really are. . Strong successful brands are not built through shortcuts and copycats. Nothing good ever comes out of hurrying, only time wasting, frustration, misery, loss, failure and sometimes even friendships. Most shortcuts are an ill-chosen route leading you straight towards an abyss rather than to a place you want to be. Even something as searching for a new love interest can be a cheap dangerous shortcut in an attempt to get something that you later discover is completely wrong for you because you rushed into a relationship that was doomed from the start.

Trying to learn anything new like a musical instrument, a language or sporting activity relies on gruelling repetition and dedication. Success is not handed to you on a plate because everything needs working for. If it’s free, then it probably won’t last very long. More of a case of easy come, easy go. Everything must be worked hard for and earned if you are going to achieve your goals. Whether you are at the beginning of something by digging the foundations of a new project or at the stage of completion, the purposeful way you continue to lay the bricks of growth matter the most. To reach as near perfection as possible, there are no shortcuts. Equally, the people who support and try to help you are the ones who show up and stand by your side. It is the ones supporting your efforts by rolling up their sleeves to sweat alongside you who matter the most, not the ones just standing there feeling envious and threatened by your potential success, or worse still, wishing they were you.

Don’t spend too much time thinking about what others think of you and your efforts, instead, focus your attention on self-improvement, higher learning and becoming better at things today than you were yesterday.

Love and Light,

Linda and The Lulas xxx

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