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Nosey People

Hello Readers,

Never worry about people who talk behind your back, because they are behind you for a very good reason.  Most of us have met an overly nosey person, like a co-worker, relative, friend, neighbour, the list is endless.  You don’t want to be rude to them, but you want them to knock it off and stop asking personal questions about your finances, love life and generally your business.  This behaviour is clearly an invasion of your space, so it’s up to you to either use deflection, by changing the subject or clearly state your discomfort.

Some people are so nosey because they want to compare their  progress in life to others in order to feel good about themselves.  You can actually see them totting up how much money you are spending on holidays, clothes, outings and generally, your standard of living.  So then they busy themselves trying to work out how much money you are earning, how much your house and car is worth and how much other income is nestling away nicely in your bank account and they become angrier and even more discontented with ‘their lot’ if they think you have more in your piggy bank they have.  There are neighbours who are regular ‘curtain twitches’ watching who goes in and out of other people’s houses.  People who stand with their ear pinned against a door or a wall, listening to private conversations or domestic rows.  There are people who go through other people’s mobile phone numbers and messages, checking to see who is in contact with who.  They cannot rest until they are furnished with every gory colourful detail and often what they don’t know they will make up convincing stories as they go along.  It makes them sound interesting to others, who are usually hanging onto their every word because they are just as nosey as well.

These people are usually passive and make as little effort as possible to improve their own situation.  If they feel they have achieved more than the person they are questioning, it feeds their ego and makes them feel superior and puts a smug smile on their face.  When a nosey person hears about someone else’s success, they very often dig behind the scenes, looking for fault or something to criticise with an intention to devalue them because once again it makes them feel good about their position.

People frequently ask questions that are inappropriate or just plain out of line and think nothing of it.  Before you respond, take a moment to think about what you want to say.  In certain situations you will be able to anticipate prying questions.  Don’t be afraid to take a direct approach to their interrogation and nosiness because you are not obliged to give someone information that would make you feel uncomfortable just because they asked.  Unfortunately, some people are more interested in knowing your business than dealing with their own issues.

Your life, your choices, your mistakes your lessons, none of which are anybody else’s business.  It’s always important to be very selective with whom you place your trust in.  Better to be watched by an animal than a nosey person.

Until Next Week,

Love and Light,

Linda and The Lulas xxx


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