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October 31st 2014

Hello Readers,

Welcome October 31st, Halloween, a time of supernatural intensity.

The Harvest is in and a spirit of thanksgiving takes hold because this is when we celebrate having enough food in to take us through the winter months. As the nights draw in and the weather turns colder a dark energy encompasses a sense of magic as the witch’s most sacred day. The sabbat of Samhain

Samhain means ‘summers end’. At the very end of October there is the first scent of winter in the air and a long dark season to get through. It is also the original New Year, when the turning or revolution of the Wheel of the Year completes its final cycle. Debts are paid, scores settled, disputes resolved and funeral rites observed.

Departed loved ones and ancestors, or spirits of the dead, are more accessible as many of us hope to make contact and for a short while and be reunited with those who have passed through the ‘Veil’ to the world beyond.

The Lulas and I are busy getting our Broomsticks serviced and our Cauldrons shining brightly ready for the big night. This is the Poodles first Halloween and they will look very Witchy Poo in their new black satin capes and pointed hats waving their magic wands about……I cannot begin to tell you how excited they are!!!!!

I am often asked for magical spells to enhance love or to enrich relationships. Here are a few that the Lulas and I have specially selected for you to try.

Take a shiny red apple and cut it across the middle to expose the seeds. Next, bury each half at the side of your front door to bring happiness and good fortune to your home.

To enrich a relationship, sleep with a red apple under your pillow on Halloween Night. The next day make a pie with the apple and share this food of love with the person you love the most to either rekindle a romance or make a friendship stronger.

For prosperity and abundance, cut a golden apple across the middle once again exposing the seeds and lay a bay leaf, a mint leaf and a sprig of rosemary to the centre before tying the apple together using natural string. Bury this apple in a plant pot either inside your home or out in the garden to increase your financial luck.

If you must choose between two romantic suitors or make an important decision, name two apple pips with the persons name or the burning situations you muse decide between and stick one pip on one cheek and the other pip on the other cheek. Then be patient and wait…..the last pip to fall off your cheek is named for your true love or which choice to make that is troubling you.

Make this your choice.

Love and Light,

Linda and The Lulas xxx

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