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Hello Readers,

It’s the start of a brand new month, October and the weather is now turning Autumnal and drifting into seasons of mists and mellow fruitfulness. Darker mornings and darker nights rule over us as the days become shorter and shorter and we notice a very real chill in the air. This is the month when the clocks go back one hour as we celebrate Halloween and start making serious preparations for the Festive Season, which is only around the corner.

Luck comes your way from all directions, but most of all it comes from within your own soul because you have the answers to all your questions buried deep down where no one else can see. The luck you are about to get is the luck you deserve so deny yourself nothing and hope for the best because if you don’t try you will never know. Attitude is everything and with the right positive attitude you can overcome just about anything even if you are confronted with endless challenges and tests made upon your long suffering patience. Everything is temporary, even your current situation, so instead of becoming melancholy, drab and frozen to the spot, just remember that there is a beginning bit, middle bit and end bit to every situation imaginable.

Nothing lasts forever so with so many helpful aspects working in your favour it’s now in your interest to try something new rather than concentrating on living in the past and wishing things were as they were previously because that time has now gone and you are exactly where you have found yourself today, right now in this very moment. October will enable you to gain a new perspective on old problem and the task you are about to undertake may seem initially daunting or even impossible, but you are not the type to easily give up, or are you?

Until Next Week,

Love and Light,

Linda and The Lulas xxx

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