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Older, Wiser?

Hello Readers,

Are you your own person, or are you a people pleaser? Are you prepared to do what is right for you, or are you too busy trying to fix everything for everyone else because you don’t want them to think badly of you?

There is an assumption that as we get older we will get wiser. Not always true, I’m afraid. Sometimes we just carry on stumbling through life carrying on being just as daft, still making plenty of mistakes. Its just that we make new ones, different ones. We do sometimes learn from experience and may not make the same mistakes again, but there is a whole new pickle jar of fresh ones just lying in wait for us to trip up and fall into. Looking back, we can always see the mistakes we made but we fail to see the ones looming up on the horizon. Wisdom isn’t about not making mistakes, but learning to escape afterwards with out dignity and sanity intact.

Everyday we are faced with challenges and difficult choices to make. It isn’t always easy to make the right choices, but the secret is this, always listen to your inner voice, even if you don’t like what it is saying because it makes you feel fearful of what other people may think. We are all responsible for making our own decisions. If you harbour any niggling doubts whatsoever about certain people or person you are unsure about, then you can bet your bottom dollar that you are on the right track about them and that in the end, if you follow your gut feelings, you will be proved right each and every time. Sometimes its best to close the door on certain relationships or friendships to avoid any further upsets and disappointments because leopards never change their spots.

There is no written rule demanding that any of us have to put up with anything or anyone that makes us feel uncomfortable. One of the empowering words I have learned to use in this life is quite simply ‘NO’.

Remember this, if you go through life constantly worrying about what other people think, you will never find inner peace and contentment. If you give in to other people’s demands for the sake a quiet life, you will eventually start feeling resentful and angry at both them and more importantly, yourself for allowing the situation to spiral out of control.

Surround yourself only with people you feel happy and comfortable with. Those that you respect and admire and know are trustworthy. As for the others?….Its up to you, its your call.
To thine own self, always be true. Do only what feels right for you and you wont go wrong. Instead, you will begin to feel much more confident about making good decisions and choices that benefit you.

Respect yourself and you will always command the respect of others.

Until Next Week,

Love and Light

Linda and The Lulas xxx

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