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Hello Readers,

Start each day with a positive thought because self-love is one of the greatest medicines and healers. If you allow stress to dominate your life, you will attract unwanted drama and chaos, so no matter how you feel, get up, get dressed and show up.

Today it’s time to put your life in order and start doing things in a more organised fashion. If you train your mindset to have the desire and develop the clarity of thinking, you will gradually become more ordered and in control of your affairs. Choosing to make these important changes sends out a message to others that you mean business and that clearing the path ahead and disregarding anything that no longer serves a purpose sets a great example as to how things can be done if enough effort and hard work is put in.

You will always find there are lots of people who seem to have a clear idea about how you should live your life, but not much of a clue about how they should live theirs because they are usually the ones who go around in ever decreasing circles getting nowhere fast. Being organised is being in control because for every minute spent organising, rearranging and preparing will gain you more time as you go along.

Cleaning and organising is a practice, not a project. It’s a way of life and displays a healthy way of thinking. If a job takes five minutes or less to complete, do it immediately so that you begin to work more productively. No business or organisation can succeed without being properly organised and administered.

Strong people with good leadership skills always have their lives in order, even when they are exhausted and spent, they will leave no loose ends to chance and no stone unturned. A tidy home, tidy desk, tidy office indicates a tidy mind.

Until Next Week,

Love and Light,

Linda and The Lulas xxx

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