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People Who Don’t Treat You Right

Hello Readers,

You dont forget people who dont treat you right and you pray for them that they might have a change of heart and realise that someday they will be treated unfairly by people they believe love them. We do have regrets sometimes especially when we think of the consequences of our choices backed up by actions that we miscalculate the expense of such acts and it costing us a high price because of all the energy and effort we put into a relationship thinking that the outcome would be satisfying. Too much time wasted on discussing how others are acting badly and of why they act that way only leads to frustration and even more disappointment. Time is precious. Minutes turn to hours and hours into days, weeks and months. Why give others your precious time? They dont deserve it. Use your time to laugh , love and talk to other like minded people who are worthy of your friendship. Spend time with people that give you a reason to enjoy life as its meant to be enjoyed. Make a point of avoiding joy drainers and seek out joy givers instead.

Until Next Week

Love and Light,

Linda and The Lulas xxx

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