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People You Cannot Rely Upon

Hello Readers

How often have you come across people who say things they don’t really mean and make promises they fall to keep? I bet you felt hurt, let down and disappointed at the time because you are probably a person who is honourable and who keeps their word. But you know, not everyone is like you and me and so it’s important that you do not take these things personally or think you have done something wrong.

Often the more you do to please others, the less well you are thought about and appreciated and very often, criticised and complained about even though you have tried so hard to do your best. Sometimes, whatever you do or say is just not good enough and nothing seems to please. The world is full of very ungrateful people that can be found in families, work places, amongst colleagues and certain friendships.

If a person has let you down without a good reason or explanation, the chances are that they have done this before to others and because it’s their behaviour pattern, unless they address their attitude, they will continue letting people down in the future. Some people won’t lift a finger to help you unless there is something in it for them because they always work to an agenda. Never be fooled by people who say all the right things but when push gets to shove, they fail to deliver.

Once words are said and promises made, they can never be retracted and neither can they be forgotten. So, always remember that how a person treats you says nothing about you, but speaks volumes about them. Personally, I no longer make allowances for bad behaviour because I am older and wiser these days and know well enough that leopards do not change their spots. Always be selective with your choice of friends because quality is always preferable to quantity.

Until Next Week,

Love and Light,

Linda and The Lulas xxx

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