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Self Reliance

Hello Readers,

In order for you for you to live the life you truly want to, you first have to work on cultivating the ability of relying absolutely and totally on yourself. One of the biggest problems and mistakes I come across with so many people is that they are utterly dependent and attached to someone else in the belief that another person can make them happy, and even more scary, that the other person is completely responsible for their happiness. So can you imagine what happens next when that relationship breaks down? The dependent person goes into complete melt down and is afraid of being in their own company, mainly because they don’t like nor love themselves that much. If they have not developed their own social circle, career, hobbies or interests they struggle to come to terms with their situation and see themselves as being completely alone, which in many cases, is not factually correct. They suddenly forget that there are other people around who care about them, including their pets, but by refusing to take personal responsibility for their own happiness, instead relying on a partner or someone else to make their lives perfect, they are taking an enormous risk, especially if the partner in question is not as honest or sensible with finances as the dependent partner thought they were, sometimes resulting in homes, businesses and jobs being lost as a result of the dependent person continually sticking his or her head in the sand, refusing to face up to what is actually taking place in the real world around them.

Self reliance is the most useful attribute that you can develop. With powerful, healthy levels of self reliance, you will never again look to others to sort, fix, mend or organise your life for you. You will learn to understand that you alone are responsible for the life you have and that you alone are able to create it. True self reliance will leave you glowing with confidence and make you hugely attractive to others because you are no longer playing the victim card. By being inventive, proactive and in charge of your own decision making, you will gain the respect and admiration you truly deserve from others and the majority of them, in turn, will learn from your excellent example.

People who are self reliant stand out because they have learned to look inside themselves for answers and solutions. In doing so, they have developed a happy and healthy relationship with both themselves, their friends, family and other people. It is what separates high achievers from their followers, imitators and critics. It intrigues and attracts others to them and gives them personal poise, irresistible charm, greater self esteem and is the key to a happier and more fulfilled future.

Until next Week,

Linda and The Lulas xxx

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