Linda Lancashire Psychic

How I Help

What does the future hold in store for YOU?

My life is dedicated to helping people who seek me out in their hour of need…..

Phychic, Clairvoyant, Tarot, Palm reading, Remember, the Universe is all about perfect timing. Our lives are prepared, exactly like a road map from the precise moment of our birth.
All the people we meet, fall in love with, form business partnerships with, become friends with, our family and children, good and bad, for better or worse are all meant to be.  Our pathway in life is pre ordained before we step out of our mother’s womb and onto dry land, because that’s where all the problems and challenges and excitement begins, and no one ever said it was going to be easy, did they?

Its the Wheel of Life that goes round and round.
When things are going good, believe me, they will change.  And when they are going bad, they will also change, nothing lasts forever and nothing stays the same….

One of the most important things to realise and get a grip with is that there is no such thing as an accident nor co-incidence.
A co-incidence is when two angles co-inside at an exact moment and its at that all important moment that we meet people or be faced with situations that had we arrived at that place a moment sooner or later, we would have missed the connection.
Call it fate, destiny or anything you like,what is meant for you will not go past you….

There is no such thing as failure, only an experience and its by all our ‘experiences’ that we have arrived at this point in our lives. Lessons have to be learned by all of us. No one is exempt!
Its just that some people take longer to learn things than others, and some never seem to learn, do they?

Next time you are asking the question “why does everything happen to me?” or “Why have I found my self in this situation?” Rather than play the victim, which is very unattractive, ask the universe simply this “What lessons must I learn from all of this? What are you trying to teach me?”
There is a silver lining in every cloud, we just have to take the time and bother to look for it….

In my work I use the Tarot Cards in every reading for guidance and problem solving on all aspects of your life love, career, family, health and direction….
By reading your Palm, I am able to give insightful interpretation on your life, You cannot change your Palm, it will only change with you…..
By placing your hands on my Crystal Ball, I am able to feel and interpret the heat and energies that are coming directly from you…..

Whoever you are and wherever you are at any moment in time, only when the time is right will our paths meet.
If there is anything I can do to help you, do not hesitate in picking up that telephone and making that all important call to book an appointment to see me and meet my two ‘Psychic Poodles’….Talullah and Hilda, who play an important role in our everyday working life….

Until we meet….

Love and Light,

Linda Lancashire and The Lulas…