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Some Bridges Are Meant To Be Burned

Hello Readers,

Some bridges are meant to be burned because there are certain things and certain people you cannot afford to go back to.

You can never get back time, so don’t waste it.  A lot of people find letting go difficult and constantly torture themselves with images in their mind about how things might have been, should have been, ought to have been and never were.  Their conversations regularly revisit the past as they go to great lengths in an attempt to describe a previous situation, whereas in reality, those things no longer exist.

I personally know someone, we shall call him John, who has wasted the best part of 20 years wishing he could turn the clock back to re live his life again. He once lived in a ‘nice house’, that he chose to let go of because his marriage had dissolved and forced him and his partner to go their separate ways.  He could not stop thinking about his previous home because the property was built from scratch and he saw the first brick being laid. His imagination ran riot as he fantasized about how the new owners must have spent lots of money improving it and that by now the house would resemble a mansion, or palace even? One day the property went up for sale  and John was in a right state, I can tell you.  He could not eat, sleep nor rest knowing the situation but neither had he the courage to drive past this house in all the years he had not lived there, in case he did not like what he saw, because of course, the pictures in his head were totally different from reality. As it happened, the advertised house was sadly neglected and in a very sorry state indeed, not at all how John imagined and so I challenged him to sell his current home with the intention of buying back his old house if that is what it took to make him feel happy again.  Well, needless to say once the truth dawned on him of how many years he wasted yearning for something that was in the past and not at all as he imagined, he suddenly felt released and free from the shackles and chains that held him hostage for far too long.  These days, John is happily living his life in the ‘now’ and making the most of every opportunity that comes his way.

There is another situation I have come across quite a lot and that is when ex partners strive to reconcile in the hope of re kindling their old relationship once again.  It doesn’t always work.  I know of a lady who did re marry her ex-husband and regretted her decision bitterly.  Before the second time around wedding, her ex-husband wined, dined and romanced her, promising her the earth and that this time things would be different.  No sooner had he put the new wedding ring on her finger, everything suddenly reverted back to how they were all those years ago.  There was not more dressing up and going out painting the town red, no more red roses delivered to the door  and no more grand romantic gestures.  The bubble had burst, the magic had disappeared and they both found themselves stuck with one another for numerous reasons, mainly financial. What they had not taken into account is that the years change all of us and none of us can ever turn that clock back.

Nothing lasts forever, nothing stays the same, everything evolves and eventually, everything dissolves, ashes to ashes, dust to dust and all that, but it’s not good trying to live in the past either because it’s just not possible and a complete waste of time.

Always put your best foot forward and embrace what the future has to offer you.

Until Next Week,

Love and Light,

Linda and The Lulas xxx



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