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Some People Are Never Satisfied

Hello Readers,

We live in a fast moving, highly competitive world where so many people are always striving and wanting more, newer, brighter, more expensive luxuries and quicker.

So many are dismally dissatisfied with their lot and forever looking over their shoulders at what other people have that is bigger better and brighter than what they have settled for and when they have gone out of their minds with obsessing about possessing what they want for that moment in time and spent every last penny on keeping up with their friends or the person standing next to them, it still isn’t enough.

More wants more and greed wants the lot and no matter how much they throw into that black void of emptiness nothing is ever enough, so the hole is never filled.

So many times I hear people telling me that all they want is peace of mind, contentment and to be happy with what they have, but there is a restlessness within them that prevents them from discovering and realising that all which they truly need is right there in front of them, it’s just that they cannot or refuse to see it. They live such stressful lives and put themselves under such incredible pressure just so that they do not miss out on ‘The next big thing’ or ‘The next fix’. They often turn to substances such as alcohol or drugs or involve themselves in personal dramas or business scams that can only result in heartbreak and dismay because they are unhappy with their lot and think the grass is greener elsewhere, but it only ever looks that way if it’s been fertilized with bullshit and a lot of lies. So unless they take a reality check and start looking and thinking about life differently and making a few changes, the chances are that they will not find what they are looking for and will continue doing things in exactly the same old way.

And then there are those people who are very happy with what little they have and thank their Angels daily, probably because they are wise enough to appreciate and realise that they are far wealthier by far than a lot of other individuals because they have all the things to enjoy that money simply cannot buy and go about their daily lives appreciating and knowing that what they have is so very precious.

Fools rush in where ignorance thrives.

Until Next Week,

Linda and The Lulas xxx

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