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Soul Mates

Hello Readers,

There are no accidental meetings between souls. Our souls recognise and know one another on a very deep unconscious level.

It’s not always the length of time you have known someone, it’s about instant recognition upon meeting or speaking and making that all important, life changing, connection.

There is a reason why we miss someone when they are not there, even if they are only in the next room, whilst there are also people whom we try to pull away and distance ourselves from because we have nothing to say to them or perhaps there is mistrust and discomfort felt in their presence.

Some souls just understand one another upon meeting in the same way that some hearts understand each other even in silence. Soul mates can be family, friends, lovers, work colleagues or pets, there are no accidental meetings between souls. We can meet them under the strangest of circumstances and they help us to feel alive again.

What is meant for you will not go past you because everything is meant to be.

Until Next Week

Love and Light,

Linda and The Lulas xxx

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