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Soul Mates

Hello Readers,

Other people will never really know the true occurrences in your life that cause you to build such a strong wall around your heart, but if someone is genuinely interested in you and who loves you for who you are, they will stop at nothing to peel back those layers of self-defence over a period of time, make time for you in their life, no matter what and restore your faith in life once more.

A soul mate is probably the most important person you will ever meet because they tear down your walls and smack you awake.  When you are with the right person, you are capable of learning everything and knowing things that you had never dared to even think, because love is the key to understanding.  A bond between souls is ancient, older than this planet.  It is infinite. It does not matter how long it takes to find one another and make that magical connection because you have the rest of your lives to catch up together.  After all, soul mates always end up together, one way or another.  Some people are easily forgotten, but best friends stay together forever.

What do you think your chances are of finding a soul mate?  So many people ask themselves that same question day in and day out.  They are forever searching for that special person they can refer to as ‘The One’.  They are willing spend huge amounts of money and long hours trawling the internet dating sites, joining clubs and societies, putting themselves about socially and travelling to the ends of the earth in the hope of finding their ‘significant other’.  They are prepared to do almost anything in their quest for love and will stop at nothing until they have found it.  Sometimes, they think they have found it and then one day it all starts to go horribly wrong and comes to a tearful end and there can be nothing more painful than that feeling of knowing you have lost someone.  Some people never recover, others go on to start over again in their quest to discover who they are meant to be with. Some soul mates are linked by extraordinary circumstances, but fight to separate, causing wounds, hurt and confusion. They teach us what no one else can, but we have to be bigger than the things we suffer.

None of us are islands.  Everybody needs somebody to love and care about them.  Loneliness is one of the biggest and hardest and most difficult of  situations to combat and learn to live with, but it’s also so common.  The worst mistake anyone can make is thinking that another person can suddenly come along and make them happy, because they cannot, no one can.  If you are not happy with yourself and not in a good place emotionally, that is when you are most likely to meet the right person, but at the wrong time because you are not ready to take the next step.  Love is all about the right timing and being in the right place at the right time.  Call it fate, destiny or put any other label onto it, but what I believe is that what is meant for you will not go past you, so never lose faith or hope that there is someone out there just for you.

A soul mate does not necessarily have to be a lover or a spouse, it can be a close relative, a good friend or even your pet. Sometimes we meet people when we need them and there is an instant connection when we meet them.  When you are soul mates, it hits you like lightening and you know that is the one person in the world you are meant to be with. When it’s time for souls to meet, nothing on earth can prevent them from meeting, no matter where each may be.

Life is a journey, choose well those with whom you travel.  True love is finding your soul mate in your best friend, but before you find your soul mate, you must first discover your own soul.  Oceans separate lands, not souls.  A heart worth loving is one you understand, even in silence.

Until Next Week,

Love and Light,

Linda and The Lulas xxx

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