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Spring Cleaning Your Life

Hello Readers,

The very mention of Spring is a reminder and an almighty nudge in a forwards direction that it’s time to immerse ourselves into having a major clearing out session and getting rid of anything that no long serves  a purpose.  Spring Cleaning isn’t just for your home, shed, garage and attic by examining all the stuff that has been left unaired and collected dust over many months, years even, it’s about clearing up mental clutter, renewing your mind and soul and doing something about freeing yourself up from all that negative energy that is circling you and driving you mad to distraction.

Everyone has to start somewhere so begin with getting rid of old clothes that do not fit you anymore and if you have not done anything about losing weight or getting fitter, what is the point of hanging onto clothes that you are never going to squeeze into?  They are just going to lie there, in the drawer, taking up valuable space that can be put to better use.  Start putting down a few new ground rules.  Ditch the word ‘diet’ from your vocabulary and adopt a new, healthier, eating and exercising lifestyle.  It won’t be long before you begin to look and feel so much happier, positive and feeling very proud of yourself. Another thing to consider is to get rid of useless keepsakes that no longer reflect who you are today because it just adds even more clutter to both your heart and your house.  Go through things that you consider special and ask yourself ‘Does this inspire me to move forwards or forces me to remain stuck in a rut?’  Throw out old grudges and toxic thoughts.  Nothing clogs up your mind more than clinging onto anger that is constantly eating away at your soul causing you to keep rambling on and on about the past, boring everyone, including yourself, to the point of distraction.  Ditch the victim mentality and start being yourself.  Start projecting the real, positive,  interesting, funny, warm beautiful you who has been locked inside somewhere for what feels like an eternity.  It’s time to come out of hibernation and  say hello to a ‘brave new world’.

It’s time to be a little bit ruthless, so retrain your mind to begin pruning your stuff frequently because collecting clutter blocks the flow of positive energy not just your home, but also in your thinking and behaviour. The state of someone’s home always projects the state of their mind and for some people ‘Clutter’ is their natural habitat and is the main cause for their inefficiency and confusion. These people are forever trying to tidy up, going round and round in circles, not throwing anything away and finishing up right back where they started, cluttered, bogged down with stuff and never arriving at their destination. Holding onto too much clutter causes stress and is one of the main reasons that people find it hard to concentrate and focus on important matters in hand.  A lot of the time they hide behind the clutter because they think it makes them invisible. That way they do not feel they have to deal with making important decisions.

Over the years I have noticed a huge difference between successful people and those who seem to labour in the backwater, never really getting their lives off the ground.  Those who are positive, punchy and prepared to get on with life are also those who have an amazing ability to prune stuff, clear the clutter and sort the wheat out from the chaff.  Those who are experiencing problems with ‘lift off’ are those running along the tarmac still clutching black plastic bags full of useless stuff they bought from the charity shop and car boot sales and have not had the heart to throw away.  They suffer from a lack of clarity because everything in their world resembles chaos and disorganisation.

No Winter lasts forever and no Spring time is ever missed.

Until Next Week,

Love and Light,

Linda and the Lulas xxxx

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