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Staying Safe Under The Radar

Hello Readers,

Life isn’t always about being centre stage, sometimes it’s better and wiser to remain quiet and under the radar. Not everyone wants nor even likes attention so when you do show it , it’s perhaps because someone is deserving and special and not because they are going to extraordinary lengths to get noticed and become very agitated and annoyed when they are overlooked or ignored. By keeping yourself private and confidential you will avoid so much drama, the sort that a lot of gossips crave and speculate on. Life teaches us that we can’t control someone else’s loyalty because no matter how good you are to them this doesn’t mean they will treat you the same.

Each day that passes you may notice your energies lifting, thus slowly freeing you of stressful situations and pointing you towards a totally new and different direction. This interesting cycle may also result in you disengaging yourself from socialising or associating from certain people you have outgrown and realise that there is nothing much left to talk about. Suddenly, your time has become precious and valuable, so why waste it? Your hard work and efforts which have probably sucked the life out of you are now beginning to start paying off, so you can expect rich rewards for your determination and tenacity. Recognising that everything takes time to establish and mature gives you the ability to accomplish a great deal during the coming new year and beyond.

Until Next Week,

Love and Light,

Linda and The Lulas xxx

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