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Take Your Time With Everything

Hello Readers,

Whether you are currently struggling with a health, romantic, family, work, business or other problems, it’s important that you strive to achieve some sort of reasonable life balance. Rather than dash around like a headless chicken forever trying to put ‘sticking plasters’ on people and situations that quite frankly, are really none of your concern because they have their own life path to tread, it’s time to think more carefully about the effects all these outside influences are having on your own personal happiness and wellbeing.

Treating your own body, mind and spirit with more care, concern and awareness is advised because although you may think you were blessed with a strong constitution, ultimately we are all human and only have so many reserves to call upon before reaching a dangerous level of ‘burn out’ And will anyone care how much you are struggling as a result of forever putting out fires and offering solutions, making sacrifices, going without so that they can have? I very much doubt it because at the end of the day, it is our survival and self-preservation instinct that kicks in which is why it’s imperative that you see to your own needs first and foremost. This is not being selfish, this is pure, raw, self-love and how you love and respect yourself gives out a very clear message to others of how you expect them to treat and respect you.

Where possible, steer clear of toxic and negative types because they will only make you doubt yourself. Today, you are about to undergo some remarkable changes in how you think, feel and act and most remarkable of all, how much more care you start taking of yourself because after all, we only have one life, one bite of the cherry and one go on the merry go around before we flat line because after that, there are no second chances.

Until Next Week,
Love and Light,
Linda and The Lulas xxx

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