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Talk Less, Achieve More

Hello Readers,

Always be aware that there are people out there who try very hard to expose what is Wrong with you, pointing out your faults and failings, because they cannot handle what is Right with you. In other words, their behaviour has got nothing at all to do with you, it simply illustrates what their character is truly like, what they are and what they are not, as often the case may be. An important rule to remember is to never waste time explaining yourself to anyone because the people that ‘like’ you do not need an explanation and the people that don’t ‘like’ you are not going to be willing to believe anything you say anyway, so you may as well save your breath and challenge your energies in more worthwhile avenues.

Powerful people talk less. They do not waste words. You may have already noticed that people that rant, rave, yell, scream and repeat themselves like ‘parrots’ in order to drive a point home will be mostly disappointed because no one wants to listen to them ‘showing off’ and making such a huge fuss out of nothing. These people are not in control of their emotions and always look for someone else to blame for their shortcomings. A lot of people talk for taking’s sake. They exaggerate, invent things, talk without knowing or understanding what they are talking about or go over the same thing over and over again. Probably because they are trying to convince themselves that they are ‘right’ and everyone else is ‘wrong’. They waste huge amounts of energy defending their point of view and trying to persuade others to share it. Don t bother trying to impress people, don’t talk unless you have something to say and then keep in simple. When you deliver a message in a soft voice and kind smile, you will command the attention of the world. You will always come out the victor and people will be more than happy to hang onto your every word because they they respect you. You will always attract more bees with honey than you ever will with vinegar.

When you are truly comfortable with yourself you wont need to be accepted by others because you accept and appreciate yourself.

Until next Week,

Love and Light,

Linda and The Lulas xxx

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