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Here is what my customer’s say…..

“I am a Scorpio and I cannot begin to tell you what strength your reading for Scorpio this week has given me – It was a very very much needed boost. Thank you. “
With love  Hilary xx

“I just wanted to message you to say thank you. I had a FaceTime reading with you back in February and you mentioned I would have a meeting/interview with someone called Paul, who, at the time, I didn’t know. This came to pass and I was indeed interviewed by a man named Paul for a job. I got down to the final two candidates and was unfortunately pipped at the post. However, in the meantime, the person who originally took the job has taken another post and so the position was offered to me. I accepted and am really excited to be starting on Wednesday. Much of the information you gave me has turned out to be true, so thank you for that. Will be in touch soon to arrange another as they’re always such a pleasure. You’re a gem and I thought maybe you could do with hearing that today. Lots of love”
Sam (from Calver) x

“Thank u again for today Linda. Your gift is incredible. And I think I came at the right time. So thank u.”

“Thank you for seeing me today. You relieved my mind on several points and helped me to plan for the future whilst holding my loved ones close to me. Kindest regards”

“I just felt like I really needed to email you to say thank you so much for my reading on Sunday. You were spot on with my situation and in describing my girls. It was such a positive experience and I have been buzzing with positive energy since! You’re such a lovely woman and I felt a real connection to you. Anyway, I just thought I would let you know as I know it’s always nice to hear positive feedback, 
Take care and I will hopefully see you again soon, Kind regards,”
Ruth x

“Good morning Linda, I hope you and your family, especially those gorgeous dogs are well. I met you many years ago with my mother, you gave me a reading which was amazing, I can say that now because everything you said would happen has happened. You also have the occasional visit from my brother and I know you have helped him through some very tough times. This is one of the reasons I recommend you to a friend of mine. My friend who I have known for many years has a huge heart and sadly lost a wonderful husband suddenly last year, this sent her into a deep depression so I recommend that she speak to you and have a reading. She did and I just wanted to thank you, from the bottom of my heart, you told her things she needed to hear and although the road is a long road at least now she is pointing in the right direction. Thank you Linda, you have changed not only my life but my brothers and a dear dear friends. Sending you lots of love, “
Annette xxx

“Thank you so much.. I came to see you at the beginning of November and you helped me immensely. you told me amongst other things that I was on “a journey of discovery” and by god nearly every day I have said to me self out loud – you weren’t wrong were you Linda
I needed your help at a time that things didn’t make sense and now with your help they most certainly do and I’m loving holding the knowledge that I now have…
I am looking forward to seeing you again and wish you nothing but love and light for 2021.

“Hi Linda, I saw you on Thursday morning. I hope you’re OK. Just wanted to say a massive thank you for the reading and advice. Your energy is incredible and you gave me an injection of good vibes and most of all the peace of mind that the future is full of love and success with only a few bumps in the road. Can’t wait to see you again. Xx”

“Thanks so much for the reading yesterday. It was lovely to meet you and your reading was so accurate! Thanks.”

“If you want a ‘therapeutic’ reading in these weird and uncertain times go and see the fabulous Linda Lancashire, she is warm and kind and a wonderful person…”

“Just wanted to say a big thank you for doing my reading today Linda. You are a beautiful, strong lady and i respect your words, always make sense. You have a good heart. God bless.”
Karen x 

“Just been feeling I need to send you a little message thanking you for writing your extra Hello Reader posts and horoscopes. I so look forward to reading them each week. Its hard to explain how I feel after I’ve read them. Most of them hit a cord with me and give me hope for the future. Some will occasionally bring tears to my eyes.
I agree with lots of things you are saying but also you help me learn new things as well. I try and paid heed to the words you are saying. You are a very special lady with incredible insight.
I have seen you a few times over the years and have had some fabulous readings from you. One in particular that stands out to me from about 7 years ago. My friend should of had a reading as well but she was poorly so couldn’t come so I was on my own. I had not seen you for about 20 years. Immediately you said to me I’ve got loads to tell you! Anyway you did and it was the most amazing reading I’ve ever had. Virtually everything you told me was going to happen was exactly how I would of loved to live the rest of my life. When I left I felt amazing I have never felt like that ever in my life. I think it was a feeling of great hope for the future.
Since the middle of last year many good things are finally starting to happen and I know and feel a great transformation is happening. Apart from losing my most beautiful little dog Alfie in November, who I miss dearly everyday and wish we could be together again. I have been extremely fortunate especially in January and February this year when I fulfilled a life long dream of learning to look after racehorses which was amazing though the most incredible hard work I have ever done!
Everything was wonderful but then very suddenly things very nearly fell apart completely for me mainly in one particularly area of my life but it would of affected everything. (Things had been slowly building for quite a while) It was a big wake up call then we were in the middle of the global pandemic. I know many people have had the most terrible time during the pandemic and it has been a massive shock for the whole world. Strangely for me though the pandemic is actually helping me and help has been coming in different ways. I’m hoping this will continue and am also working very hard to try and ensure it does. So maybe your reading will continue to come true!
I also know as you have said before that everything can change in an instance for better or worse we never know from one second to the next. Linda I’m so sorry I was just writing you a little thank you to you and all of a sudden I couldn’t stop writing! I hope I’ve not sent you to sleep.
Thank you so much for everything. I hope you have been keeping well in the pandemic and your 2 little lulu’s 🙂 Hopefully will book appointment to see you later this year.
Kindest regards
Pat xxx”

“You have helped me beyond words in the last 15 years . I’ve gone from being a nervous wreck to being totally in control of my life.
I’m extremely lucky that I have got a lovely family my children and good friends who have helped me along the way.
I always listen to what you have told me (even when I wasn’t so keen on what I was hearing) I’ve followed your advice and my life is very happy now.
I’ll never leave my job that has always stayed with me , as animals are a massive part of my life .
Thank you Linda xx”

“Good Morning,  I realise you may at the moment be inundated with people needing someone to help them with the current difficulties of life so I will keep this brief. Just wanted to say a heartfelt ‘thank you’. For a good couple of years now I have regularly read your ‘hello readers’ section on line after being told about it from a friend. Arrh, Linda (I’m a fellow Lynda by the way) the skill you have of composing such words of wisdom, always to the point yet so often wonderfully gentle. It is impossible not to be touched by the thoughts you convey. I am sure you give so much comfort and mental strength to many people. Gladly I am one of the lucky ones in life who have a solid loving family and some dear friends, but anyone of us can at some point need just that extra professional yet friendly person to give us maybe a different, more wholesome picture of things.
​So once again, thank you for all you do, long may it continue. Our lives need more people like you and I agree, now is natures way of making us all take a look at what lays deep inside.
​Keep smiling indeed xx”

“I tell anyone who is interested about Clairvoyance about you! I had a reading over 10 years ago and you knew things about my family that I didn’t even know at the time…
maybe it’s time for another one. X”

“I have been visiting Linda for over 30 years now and have always had positive and pleasing results. The accuracy of Linda’s readings and her spiritual guidance is truly amazing! I would highly recommend her services to anyone who needs motivation, spiritual guidance, or just a little reassurance in their lives! This is ingenuity at its best now…face-time or telephone readings available!
Meeting this incredibly talented lady over the internet or telephone, in a safe environment is indeed a rare and welcomed opportunity!”

“I just felt compelled to thank you again for your time on Tuesday. It was wonderful to meet you and the Lula’s, to be welcomed into your beautiful home.
Just being in your company felt comforting and the words you gave so freely, very reassuring. I was absolutely amazed at the things you knew and the way you delivered them truly touched my heart. But above all I came away more energised and positive and ready to believe in myself and live my life out of the shadows of others!
You really are a very special lady.
Lots of love”

“I would like to thank you for the reading on Friday. Whilst initially I approached with a level of scepticism, I was absolutely blown away by the level of accuracy on my historical issues and advice on how I should proceed. I felt uplifted by our discussion with some additional clarity on how my immediate future looks and some steps I should take.”

“Hope your well and your beautiful dogs are too.  I came over with my daughter Nicole, a couple of weeks ago, for her to have a reading. Which she is still delighted about.  I just want to say thank you.
Nicole’s human really needed to hear what you had to say.  You are the one who has allowed Nicole to change direction in her mind body and spirit. Her entire stagnant energy, has now shifted.
After 11 year’s, my daughter said she loved me, and that she sorry for the pain she had caused me. Her realising and accepting that I wasn’t to blame. Has been such a incredible journey of, deeper understanding. Wow.
From my soul to yours Linda.
Honestly.. Thank you so very much.
Peace, love and light to you.”

“I came to see you in September 2008 on the first day of my hen do with a friend to have a reading before I got married.
You told me that I had issues with my mum that I needed to resolve and get over and recommended me to your wonderful therapist friend who I did go to see and treasured the time that I spent working with her.
You also told me one thing that has been rooted to my brain like an anchor ever since: My relationship would never thrive if I didn’t resolve my temper.
It’s taken me 10 years and i’m currently in a clinic in Moscow in the middle of an aHSCT treatment ( at the end of the chemo phase to rid my body of the immune system that has been holding me hostage pretty much my entire life and just about to have a rest day before I have my new stem cells put back in to create me a new immune system that doesn’t know what MS is.
I’m telling you this because I want you to know that I send you all the love in my heart for giving me that anchor – steadfast and true to work towards and keep me focused to get to this day.
Thank you.
Kind regards,”

“I am originally from Nottingham and have been a big fan of your horoscopes for years. I don’t really know much about astrology, or how you do what you do, but you are always so accurate, it’s scary! 🙂
Anyway, the only purpose of this email is to say thank you. I, and now several of my friends in London, Barcelona and Mallorca, look forward to Thursday mornings and they all say that you write the most accurate horoscopes they have ever seen, and they are often prompting me on Thursday mornings to pick it up and translate it for them.
So, that’s all. Thank you again from your fans over here!!!
Have a great day!!!
Lots of love,”

“I just want to say WOW…
I came to see you in November and the things you picked up on have so far being VERY accurate, for instance you said although my work colleagues thought highly of me I was looking for another job and I would get the job I wanted (I got the job offer in December and started my perfect job in January), you said I would move house this year…. I moved out of my rented into my ‘caveman’s’ house back in April and we are buying a house together and should be picking the keys up next week.
You also said he loves me deeply which he tells me most days and claims he has never been happier (well not since his kids were little (youngest is 24) so I am hoping his insecurities have really gone and he can trust me, I am still waiting for the diamond and the crucifix (but I can’t expect everything in the 6 months). My daughter is better with me since my split over 12 months ago, parents are still a bit off with me but I am not looking back any more just forward.
You said be careful what you wish for wanting to be with the cavemen because I would end up looking after him – I do….. I wait on him hand and foot (but enjoy looking after him in that way) but hope this is it and nothing more sinister is on the horizon.
All in all I just want to say thank you  I would love to come back at some point but struggling to get my friend to come along at the moment. Take care”

I first met Linda about 25 years ago it was quite a dark time for me, my reading with Linda was full of information on the future, decisions I had to make etc.
Recently I had a friend who was needing some direction, I remembered my session all those years ago with Linda and how nearly everything she told me was going to happen did! Her reading that she did for me was so accurate.
My friend came a few weeks ago and she found some of the reading a bit unbelievable but with a few weeks it all started falling into place.
Last week I went with another friend she was nervous about having a reading but was blown away at the end – had had her eyes opened to shenanigans so is ready and armed.
If you want to know what is coming into your life so you are prepared you must visit Linda and her fabulous Lulas – I am going to be having another reading. Best wishes”

“I’m sure you get many emails of thanks but I just wanted to say a huge thank you for our meeting yesterday. I can’t explain how much you have helped me and find a subtle inner peace during a turbulent time.
The person you mentioned in regards to the devil card may have already shown themselves to me. I am being on my guard and not saying too much about anything. I need to be less of an open book – like you said.
Everything you said resonated with me and I’m going to write it all down before I forget. You’re a very special lady with an amazing gift- truly blessed. I hope your knee recovers well and you feel better soon.
I look forward to meeting you again.
With kind regards and very best wishes,”
Ella x

“I look forward to reading my horoscope every week, thank you.
This week you said my finances were set to improve, the same day I had a refund at the bank for a direct debit they should not gave paid over a year ago .
However I hope there is more to come, quite a bit more hopefully.
Thank you again”

“Just wanted to thank you for making us feel so at ease and welcome in your home today.
I’ve been wanting to see someone for a while now but today felt like the right time and your words helped process some difficult aspects of my life so thank you.
No doubt see you again in the future when the time comes for a little more guidance.

“Over 33 years ago you told me I was expecting and I initially thought you were wrong/confused with the baby I had miscarried some months earlier! You put me straight and got my attention.
You went on to tell me this child was going to be alright but at the birth the staff around me would be panicking but for me to remember everything would be fine.
I did remember this and remained calm and tomorrow that baby…my daughter will be celebrating her 33rd birthday.
Just to say a very belated ‘Thank you’ Linda
Kind regards”

“I hope you are well?
I came to see you back in May as it was nearly a year since my beloved Dad had passed away. During our time you told me about my husband John and how he was living his life in London and brining nothing to my life. You also told me I should get a job as I had no excuses!
I left your home absolutely reeling from the reality of it all but just wanted to let you know I have started divorce proceedings and on Friday was offered a job as a support worker so my life is finally moving onwards and upwards! I was guided to you by my best friend and am so thankful I spent that time with you so I wanted to say a thousand thankyou’s for being so amazing and giving me the honesty I needed to get myself out of the hole I was in!
Take care and I hope to see you again one day.”

“Just a quick message to say thank you for your reading last Wednesday. It helped clarify my thoughts on what I really would like my life to be. I’ve done a lot of moving about and travelling in my life, without really getting anywhere that’s felt right, whilst holding onto a home that no longer feels like a home for me. Not sure it ever did. So, after some deliberations it’s going on the market. Well time to let it go.
A settled, ordinary and simple life was the message that came through you and it resonated with me because my heart felt lighter and I got the sense of happiness that life would bring me.
Your reading also helped me realise that it’s perfectly possible to move on now and not wait for all the family stuff to be resolved. That’s just been driving me to despair.
I guess I want to say thank you for clarifying that what I have is enough to move forward with. And I’m enough, to get on and make a new life in a new place. Told plainly, directly and sensibly.
Thanks to your two lovely dogs, who sat in and offered their canine support in the reading.
Wishing you all the very best.”

“I saw you today and so just wanted to say it was lovely to see you again and thank you again for my reading! I loved it and you are so lovely!!
Obviously I couldn’t see my dads problems / illness and would have never, never thought that would happen to my dad!!
Thank you ever so much again I really enjoyed my time with you 😉
Take care and all the best”
Amanda xXx

“As ever, thank you.
May I say, you are a true, remarkable and wonderful Lady. Your work is very much appreciated by us all.”

“You might remember me.  I came for a reading a few years ago and you told me that my sisters were not to be trusted, and would always try to control me and situations around me.
I told you that I thought that was unlikely and you got properly cross with me.
Well you were right….. and I was wrong.
Hope you are well and thanks for the reading.”

“I came to see you a month ago and you gave me the courage I needed to set up my own business. I thought you might like to see my website! I’m very pleased with it. I have also taken your advice about Facebook, Twitter etc.
I can’t thank you enough. As this is a completely new venture for me, I hope you are right that all the elastic bands I keep saving will come in handy!
My sister Sonia sends you her love too.
Thanks again Linda. Take care and see you soon.”

“Just wanted to thank you for the very accurate reading today. So much of what you said is so very true and although at first I felt in turmoil about it, wondering if I should immediately act upon what you had said,  but now I feel that I should just let things run their course and as my dad used to say, Que Sera.
You picked up on what a good friend I have, and she truly is amazing I will treasure her friendship forever.
I hope that one day we will meet again and things in life will appear much brighter.
Thank you again”

“I just wanted to tell you how you’ve helped and supported me over the years of visiting you.
Not only you are a medium you have always made me feel uplifted and positive about life.
You’ve been extremely accurate, and I’m glad I visited you recently, always a pleasure.
And I just wanted to thank you, you are a lovely lady with a special gift..”
Kind Regards Dawn

“I just wanted to write and let you know how much I enjoyed my appointment with you today at 12.30. You are so lovely and a pleasure to be with. Thank you for my reading and I’m looking forward to all the happenings. I must say I felt on a high when I left you. I will be reading yours and Katie’s page daily.
Take care of yourself Linda and I will keep in touch. Many thanks “
Sue. Xx 

“I just have to say how you always just ‘hit the spot with me’ when I read your wonderful weekly article!
You have such a beautiful wisdom. Thank You so very much.
Have a lovely cosy evening with the Lulas.”
Lots of Love from Pauline xxx

“I went to a neighbour’s house last night for a few hours and the strangest thing happened.
Do you remember you told me that I’d have new neighbours, possibly Finnish, and I mentioned in response that the house next door had been up for sale for about 3 years.
Oddly, last night, my other neighbours told me that the house had finally sold  two days ago, and that the new neighbours will be from Finland…
Just thought you might like to know, because it hit me immediately with a jolly good round of back of the neck tingles and the associated goose bumps 🙂
Thanks Linda…  As they say here…. Abrazos, which is hugs… Isn’t that nice :-)”

Thank you Linda for getting me through another year with your stars.
Hope 2017 is a happy year, here’s to new beginnings.”


Hello Linda & The Lulas,
I would like to thank you very much for your wonderful weekly horoscopes which are so honest and accurate most of the time and they also give me upliftment and hope in my low moments..
Bless you, Love and light”


Thank you seems a small word, but I truly am grateful. You have given me hope, and got me through some hard times, you guided me through and see an end to a long journey.
Love and thanks again, Merry Christmas Linda and all the happiness in the world in the new year”


“I just wanted to drop you a line today to say so many thanks for yesterdays’s reading revelations.
In fact I was incredibly relieved because you nailed so many things exactly so far and therefore what you saw potentially ahead made significant sense.
To the point that I seem to have had one of the best night’s sleep for a long time lol.
It was good to see you so much more relaxed and doing well, too.
Thank you again.”

“Thank you so much for your time today 🙂
I loved meeting you and having the benefit of your insight, wisdom and understanding.
It was a comfort and also very healing. Hugely appreciated Linda.
With love and kindness Xxx”

“I just wanted to thank you for yesterday.
I felt very comfortable with you and could have stayed for ages chatting to you!

What you told me made sense and left me feeling peaceful and hopeful.
I will come and see you again when it feels right to do so.”

“It was an absolute pleasure to meet you today. You were everything I imagined you would be and more.  Thank you again for seeing me at such short notice again and for wonderful reading.  You were absolutely amazing as I expected and have helped me in so many ways.
It was strange Saturday morning when you emailed to let me know what time to call I spoke to the angels about you and they confirmed I would connect with you on another level and will feel this when I see you on Tuesday. You are an amazing earth angel yourself and I love your energy.
Take care of yourself and I hope to see you again soon.”

“I have to share this as it’s great to hear when future predictions happen.  You mentioned this chap in my life would propose and that it would be soon. Well it happened last week when we were away on holiday.  Thank you again  for an amazing reading.
I hope you are out enjoying this lovely weather.  Take care.”
Love Ravinde

“Thank you from every part of me.
I was feeling so very lost and I am now feeling found.  I am so grateful for all that you do, the time you spent with me has brought me right back in line with myself.  You’ve helped me remember myself and every day since I’ve been to see you I have the biggest smile on the inside. When your walking the earth in a state of sleep paralysis, knowing you need to wake up but not having the strength you are the human being with the tools to shake and wake.
Rise and shine. So happy , So grateful .
Thank you


“I just wanted to send a message to say a massive thank you for your reading yesterday 4pm). Everything you said was so true, in a way it confirmed to me what I guess I already knew but knowing it now for sure will make me stronger to deal with what I have to deal with.
Onwards and upwards now and I can’t wait to see what the future brings with what you have told me!!
Warmest regards”
Alison B

“I just felt I had to write to you this week after reading yet another of your weekly articles, because the last few weeks they seem to be aimed at me and they spur me on!
I came to see you in July last year and I couldn’t believe how you picked up straight away how my husband treats me. Basically I’ve had 27 years of domestic abuse, only I didn’t realise it.
My husband refuses to leave the bungalow unless it is sold, but we have a disabled son who needs it. So I am now going to start divorce proceedings. Your article today is so true. A friend told me a few months ago that you have to drive your life in the direction you want it to go, and as you say, it’s no use just sitting back and hoping everything comes to you. It has been a long long journey to get to this point, and I now feel I have the strength to go through with it. Hopefully I will have a brighter, happier future ahead of me!
You are an amazing lady with lots of warmth, and I hope to come and see you again this year!
Carol B

“Wow wow wow Linda u are one incredible lady. I have visited you now on two occasions and everything that you said was going to happen to me is happening.
I am totally over the moon but as each piece of the puzzle is being put together I gasp as I truly cant believe how spot on down to the last detail you have been.
I can’t thank you enough for the hope and guidance you gave me in such difficult times.
Lots of love and best wishes you amazing lady! xx

Cherly H

“Thanks so much for the reading yesterday and I just know your honesty in a reading, so felt very perked up and it was like a therapy session!!
I SO admire the way that you have dealt with your challenge and I have absolutely no doubt that positivity and mindset play a really important part in recovery.
I will come again in the next few months and look forward to seeing you.


“Thank you so much for today’s reading. Never in my wildest dreams would I have expected something so accurate. I have had over 15 years of hell in marriage, being mistreated, sponged on, ridiculed you name it and I stood by her for the whole time. You don’t hear of domestic abuse happening to men. Last year the world was removed from my shoulders when we finally split. You described her down to her little finger, the hate, the indigestion everything was true. My son has been taken away from me for the purpose of greed alone. He is finding this out and has said he wants to come home. I long for the day. My new partner is an angel. I love her so much. I knew from the start we where soul mates exactly as you said. You even described her, and yes she’s desperate to hear the result of the reading. The most poignant part of the reading is when you said “you are one of us”. I have always known, and I hope I can help people one day as much as you have helped me.
God bless, Love and Peace”

“I have just read your amazing story of your cancer journey and I has inspired me so much to say how well you have done it has made me feel stronger as I embark on my treatment having a lumpectomy in Nov and hadn’t spread but have to start treatment soon as a prevention thank you for inspiring me and all the best to you xxx


“I just wanted to thank you most sincerely for my reading this morning. It was a wonderful experience. I left feeling a huge weight had been lifted off my shoulders and I had made a friend. You are a truly amazing lady, so warm and so open. I feel empowered to move forward and for that I thank you from the bottom of my heart.
I suspect you have been through an awful lot of turmoil yourself, but your positive attitude and zest for living life shines through. You are an inspiration.
Take care. We will meet again of that I’m sure.
Love and light”

“I’m not sure you will remember me my name is Tina, you did a reading for me some weeks ago and you asked me to keep in touch to let you know how things are going.
I’ve started in a new job, still doing live-in care as before, it’s not ideal, but at least I’m earning again and I got over the hurdle of worrying about what sort of reference I would get from the old company. It must have been acceptable!
Thank you for your reading, it gave me such a boost at a very low time.”
Tina x

“You were fantastic and the things you told me stuck in my mind till this day. I just wanted to thank you for your little words of wisdom that you put on here most days, because they are so true and they spur me on. So just wanted to thank you for taking the time to do it. xxx

“Your weekly insights are just spot on for me!
You talk just common sense really but we need to be reminded of it!

Pauline, Big Hug to you!

“Just needed to thank you for my reading this morning it has given me hope
You are a wonderful warm lady and I felt I had known you for ever . I will certainly recommend you to my friends and I am sure they to will want to see you too
Love and light to you and your beautiful poodles
Thank you so much

Jean xx

“I just wanted to say a big thank you for your weekly and daily wisdom shares. I especially love the Wednesday ones, they are so thought provoking and make one truly think. I share them with friends. Thank you again for your kindness of sharing.
Much love to you and the Lulas”
Shaun x

“I came for a reading as I had reached breaking point and felt that I needed spiritual guidance concerning my relationship more than anything. I was shocked at the first hello due to you calling me Yvonne instead of my name Stephanie which i had booked under. But Yvonne being my middle name I realised straight away it was my dad letting me know he was with me as I had a chat with him while driving to see you as I said I needed him with me today of all days. ( he passed away 48 years ago for any readers who may be reading this) Everything was accurate from my past and present even down to the name of the man in question.
I came to you with open heart and mind and I got the answers to my questions and came away and thought long and hard on where my life needs to go so i have ended my relationship with no regrets but just feel alone until I can get over the love I felt for this man. You are an amazing lady and i will be visiting you again in the very distant future. I have been to a few physics and come away gutted that I wasted my money but with you it was money well spent, on that note I would like to thank you for your help in this difficult time in my life.”

“I just wanted to say thank you as I love reading your page each week. It gives me insight and inspiration. I like the way you tell it like it is.”

Gaynor x

“I just wanted to thank you for my reading today. When I got home I slept for a few hours and it was the best sleep I have had in a long time.
It was an absolute pleasure to meet you and the pups. I have some friends that may be interested in readings and if it’s ok with you I will be suggesting that they look you up.
Thanks again.”
Samantha. Xx

“I just wanted to let you no Thank you for my reading today, and i enjoyed it all from start to finish. THANK YOU!”

“Your horoscopes are absolutely spot on for myself (a Capricorn), my Taurian friend who goes of on a cruise.. You’ve described my Cancerian colleague down to a T, even my Aquarians friend’s horoscope is unbelievably true… How do you do it!”
Teresa x

“I would like to tell you how amazing and inspirational your weekly blogs are. I regularly read your weekly horoscopes and ‘hello readers’ weekly posts. I have, not long ago, been through heartbreak due to the ending of a relationship and was in need of reading words to help me pull through and keep my mind positive and to tell myself that i am not the only person in the world to be let down by someone you care about. I have begun to look at your blog regularly and you speak with such warmth and passion that i find it so lovely and comforting to read. One of your posts, Power of Belief really stood out to me as I completely agree that our thoughts will be the things that will materialise in our lives. So if we all continual to think about what we want to happen, life has a funny old way of working it out to that outcome or something even better suited.
So I just wanted to write to you and thank you for lovely and inspiring words which has helped me a lot in the past few weeks.”

“Was worth every penny! Yes she insisted on the money upfront but I don’t blame her, I would as well. How many people must have been before, listened to what she had to say and then not been able to pay. I don’t see a problem with that . She knew everything about what why I was there, what had been happening, so much so that I recommended to her my family and friends. They agree that they left feeling so much more relieved and shocked at what Linda knew. I would have paid double the price to listen to my reading.”

“An amazing experience meeting you today.
You do not know me and have never met me before, but I felt that I knew you!
I came to you today because of what is taking place in my life at the moment, a change, the feeling of something different happening but not having any idea what is going on. As you pointed out at the start when I picked up the card from the floor, money is coming in and going straight out having to pay for all sorts.
Your vision of me and all aspects of my life past and present, was spot on. I have to thank you for this insight and preparation for the future, which I am positively working towards and will achieve. The lady you mentioned in my life is very special to me in many ways, has helped me tremendously, has a very caring nature, intelligent, a deep love for her family and a perfect match for me in interests, life and thoughts.
I have been given lots to think about by you today. A most rewarding experience.
Our paths will cross again at a point.”

“Just want to say I hope you had a good Christmas and New Year and thank you for my reading before Christmas. Hope you don’t mind this mail but you told me that me and my partner would be OK but that I shouldn’t do anything stupid any way I did and now I’m paying the consequences. Sorry I didn’t heed your warning.”

“First of all I would just like to say that I look forward to your news letter every week and of course the horoscopes.  What you mentioned in your letter this week really struck home to me regarding the lady you mentioned saying “live within your limits”.  I live in South Africa and was saddened earlier this year when I had to make a few trips to the UK because my Dad passed away at 88, he and my mum were married for 60 years last year, so you can just imagine the heartache.  My mum is now 86 and although she had a bad time after my Dad’s passing, she has got back up and pushed herself to get back to some normality after all the shock and trauma she has had in her life this last few years with my Dad not being well.  I feel that my Mum has pushed herself over and above her limits to live as normally as she can now and am really proud of her and the way she has soldiered on despite everything.  She lives alone now and still does her own washing and ironing and cooking with a little help from a friend of mine once a week.
I feel she has been a real inspiration to me and was way behind her in coming to terms with everything. So yes, I agree with you that sometimes we have to do these scary and hard things in life to carry on.  Imagine if we all gave up at the drop of a hat or a bump in the road and not push forward.  I cannot imagine being proud of sitting around and doing the least possible every day, what a boring life it would be. 
So thank you for once again for your thought provoking letters every week, I so enjoy them as they always give a lot of food for thought.  Im sure that most people that read your letter every week are touched in some way and given strength for some situation that needs to be sorted out.
Kind Regards”

“I have visited Linda for readings on several occasions and am always amazed at her insight and how uncannily accurate her forecasts turn out to be.”
Julia – London

“I found Linda to be remarkably accurate and astonishingly interesting.She was very friendly and took time to explain the reading to me where I had questions.”
Lesley – Derbyshire

Thank you Linda for your amazingly accurate readings, you gave me and a supreme comfort and hope in my time of need.”
Rory – Nottingham

“My first reading with Linda was just uncanny. She accurately described my life and predicted life changing events for me that extended over a period of two years or so.
I was stuck in a job I hated and I was desperately searching for anything. Linda told me I would find something soon and described the situation and the people I would be working with. Only two or three days later a small advert appeared in the Evening post which I applied for. I got the job and it was all as predicted even to the names of some of the people I was working with. Since then I have continued to seek her guidance – last reading she predicting the birth of a new grandson.”
Michael – Crawley

“As a regular to your website I have just read your sad news and I just wanted to say how sorry I am to hear of your loss.
I remember briefly meeting Stanley Rupert when I came for one of my many wonderful readings. As an animal lover, I understand how special our ‘little friends’ are to us. They give us so much. My cats mean the world to me and bring me so much comfort as well as companionship and unconditional love.
I’m sure you had so many wonderful times together and I hope these memories bring you comfort at this sad time. “

“Just wanted to say, hello to the Lolla’s and a big thank you to you for my reading this Wednesday. You are by far the most intuitive and incredible lady I have had the pleasure of meeting. I remain astonished by all the things you picked up on that are concerns in my life.
I’m sure I’ll be in touch again in the not too distant future. If your predictions are right I will be totally gobsmacked and be so much better for it. Well, thanks again for your time and very good advise.
Those Lolla’s are so very lucky, keep them happy – I’m sure they will you!”

“I have just read your piece about how you came to acquire your two new doggies, and it made me laugh out loud at the trials and tribulations you have had with them, but also brought tears to my eyes because it is such a lovely story. I have never had a dog, but can understand what the loss must feel like, and certainly know what loneliness feels like, and it’s horrible. I am so pleased that you have these two little girls to share your home and life with, and look forward to meeting them when I come for my next reading, whenever that might be. I notice you mention grandsons, so I assume Katie has had another baby?
She had just had her first last time I saw you, so that is wonderful news too. I don’t know if you will remember me, you see so many people, but you have been doing readings for me for over 25 years now, and I have always found that you have been able to offer me comfort and guidance at various times in my life.
I wish you well with ‘your girls’ and will hopefully see you soon.
Best Wishes”

“I just wanted to send you a quick email to say how very happy I am for you on the arrival of Tallulah & Hilda, they look gorgeous and Stanley would have loved them. I’m sure like you’ve already said your lives wont be the same again but thankfully only for the better. I’m sure the girls will bring much fun & laughter into your life of which you so much rightly do deserve as you are always there for others but now maybe you can take a bit more time out for you & your new family. I hope to come & see you all soon next time I’m visiting family down that way.
Love and Light to you.”
Lisa x

“Such a lovely happy story and I so believe in sending our dreams to the cosmos. Cosmic ordering is a blessing.
I’m so happy to hear you are enjoying your new additions. I have a cat and we tune in to each other, he is beautiful.
Love and light to you Linda and thank you for your weekly horoscopes.”
Jacquie xx

“I had to say I was so pleased to hear about your gorgeous new wee friends, they are fab, I was going to wish you love luck and happiness but with those two wee darlings you’ll have it in abundance.”

“I have just read your wonderful story about the new puppies and it brought a tear to my eye. I came to visit you in the autumn last year for the first time and your lovely Stanley was in the garden (what a handsome chap!).
I too am a massive animal lover and lost my beloved border collie (Blue) five years ago, I think about him every day still. That was when I had my maximum number of pets which was 4 dogs, 3 parrots and 13 cats. I have since lost 6 of my lovely cats in the last 18 months who I have not replaced and 1 parrot who I did replace with a lovely new boy called Charlie. You will get back past the challenges of puppy hood and then look back on them fondly, and as you know, you cannot pay back the joy and life experiences that they all give you with their independent personalities.
Good luck with them both (they’re beautiful),
love and best wishes
Kind Regards”

“I just wanted to say thank you for my reading on Wednesday at your lovely home with my friend Sarah.
Not sure how much feedback you get, but just thought I would let you know, you mentioned about me moving home, getting a new car and driving to Kings Mill hospital but not to visit anyone (i.e. to work) I am relocating in the next 6 weeks to North Yorkshire, I currently have a Ford Fiesta like you, however my partner Phil will be using that to commute to Nottingham for his job so I am looking for a new car and the reason for the move is to start a nursing degree at Teesside University. I may well have been driving to Kings Mill Hospital to do my training but I decided against going to Nottingham Uni to start a new life up north. Also I love Harrogate! so fingers crossed I get to live there in a beautiful house one day.
So I am amazed at the accuracy of the reading. Many thanks again, hopefully see you soon in the future.
Warm regards,”

“I have been to see you twice and everything that you told me came true. I could not believe it all. I tell all my friends about you. You are unbelievable.”
I hope to come and see you again soon.
Take good care.”

“I came to see you recently for my second ever clairvoyant visit, having been to you for my first ever clairvoyant visit in April 2004. I was and still am astonished at your obviously real talent, so much so that I am far more at ease with life, I’m sure you’ll be happy to know.
Along with an accurate rendition of my past, you predicted certain happenings, of which so far many have already happened, and with each event I have to take comfort in the knowledge that I’ve not been ‘had’ and you don’t just spout spiel (I doubt I’ve spelled that correctly but you know what I mean).
You predicted love for me, and I am in love, although I already knew I was anyway – it was just the feelings of the other person that I was unsure of. But your words were “you’re not wasting your time”, I had literally asked myself “am I wasting my time” only the day before which is what had prompted my visit. You said that I would have a man in my life who would ask me to marry him, then later that I was in love with the man and that he loved me he just didn’t know it.
That wasn’t one of the many things by the way that’s just an aside, but some of them are; That someone helping me at work, who was having trouble of his own would find a resolution soon, you said “tell him it’ll all come good”. I saw you on Tuesday, and on the Thursday he met the MD and was overjoyed with the response.That “the cow” at work, giving me my grief, would soon be out of the picture, she commenced maternity leave on the Friday (I knew is but you didn’t).
That the “man” would invite me to his home. On Saturday, he invited me to his home (the invite was on Saturday not the visit, but that has now happened several times).
That the “man” and I would go out under different circumstances to the norm. You knew that our outings were after thoughts from work, but it would soon be different. On the Friday week after our appointment we went out from work but as friends in the group not just colleagues and he put me up (purely platonically) because I don’t live anywhere near work. It was Grand National Day the next day and he came over to my neck of the woods and had the day out with me and my friends, loved it and has said he’d like to do it again but can’t until 7th May (like I care, I’ve been in love with him for 2 years so another couple of weeks is nothing).
 That my name would be in highlights because of some work I’d done. I’ve recently found out that I’m to be mentioned by name in an International company article about this work.
You also told me loads of stuff about me that was spot on that had already happened, but some about him so I didn’t know whether it was true or not, he’s confirmed that it is!!! I’m sure it’s no surprise to you.
I have to say though, one of your comments was that he loves me he just doesn’t realise it, so I’m waiting for it to dawn on him. 
Well today he told me (on the phone cos he’s there at the mo) that he’s moving back to Lowestoft as soon as he can, which upset me cos he’s not missing me but more so that he doesn’t even want to come back here, and he couldn’t understand my upset because as far as he’s concerned we are nothing but friends. Well I was about to say I ought to come back cos you might have got bits wrong, but literally at this point in my email, I’ve just got a text through, yes at 1.30 in the morning, saying he does have feelings for me he just doesn’t want to confuse things by acting on them, so it looks like I’ll just have to keep waiting eh?
Thank you so very much though, you are a very wise woman, and have converted at least one total sceptic – me!”

“Just wanted to say thank you for seeing me a couple of weeks ago at short notice, within 30 minutes you certainly managed to put everything in my life into some kind of order. Your ‘honest’ and ‘no-nonsense’ approach was exactly what I needed. I felt stunned when I left your home but on reflection, it has finally helped me realise what I need to do for me. Clearly you must bring lots of reassurance to people daily and that is a gift.
Thank you again”

“Just wanted to thank you for the reading I had with you. even though I heard things I didn’t want to hear it has given me an inner strength to deal with the situation. I now feel empowered in the knowledge that My life is in My hands. I still have my vulnerable days but I just think back and draw on the strength you gave me that day. Thank you again and i will see you again in a few months time.”

“I don’t normally do this, but I thought I’d drop you an email to say thank you for your site, I was put onto it a few years ago by some friends and every Friday…or Saturday, I always read my Aries sign and grin to myself at what the week could be like. Sometimes it doesn’t mean anything but then there are weeks that I go “that bloody woman has got a camera on me!” I like your editorials that you put up before the readings, some of the time they do make me think. We all wish that the stars could give us answers, but the reality is that none of us ever ask the right questions…
Again thank you, and I’ll keep on looking out for my stars.”

“I just wanted to say how absolutely fantastic and spot on your stars are each week. I love to read them, have for years but also wanted to let you know that people really appreciate what you do.
All the best Linda. From a Taurean : ) ps I also like your daughters page – she’s also very gifted.
Thanks lots,”

“I just wanted to pop an e-mail across to say thank you for today. You described my dream, ‘THE’ dream I have had in my head since I was a girl, Back then it was a dream and remained a dream until 2007 that you had opened up my mind to obtain my dream although I still thought that I was still unable to make that particular dream come true and even before I came to you today I am in touch with myself enough to know that I came back from overseas to tie up loose ends and I knew next time will be forever, it isn’t just travelling and even though I have no idea who and what will get me there I had that feeling next time will be it, there is no more travelling. I’m going home finally…. I am glad I came to you today for clarification on everything but the way you talked today I was amazed!
All my thoughts of where I want to be you described! I have come to love the feeling of knowing and yet not knowing.
Take care”
Michelle xx

“Hope you are well. I came to see you in November, and my god how accurate you have been, so much that you predicted has happened already. Could you please advise me how long I need to leave it before I can come and see you again.
Kind Regards”

“I would just like to say thank you for my reading last Friday, you have really helped me at a time when I didn’t know which way to turn, you shocked me in some of the things you said. You are a very gifted woman, who made us all feel very welcome in your house, thanks again, and I hope to see you again in the near future. with kind regards”

“I just wanted to say what a brilliant reading you gave to me about 6 months ago a lot of the things you have said have happened. My aunt also came to you last week and she was amazed at how brilliant you are. Thanks again Linda I look forward to another reading soon :).”

“I would like to say a big thank you for my very accurate reading with you. Since my reading lots of what you had said to me as happened and I have initiated looking into buying my own place again. Thank You So much for your wisdom.

“Thank you for you time this morning giving me your reading, which was very good and informative. Like I mentioned to you I will return for another reading very soon.
You are a very gifted and wonderful lady.”