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That Which We Obtain Too Easily, We Esteem Too Lightly

Sometimes problems don’t require a solution to solve them, instead they require maturity to outgrow them. The degree of our intellectual and spiritual growth is inversely proportional to the number of people with whom we are still close friends and the quality of those relationships. Never try to fix or repair something that you have outgrown because you cannot go back to how things were before. We all meet people for a reason, but neither are we always destined to travel our life journey together. Just accept how things are and move on because you have other things to do and new people to meet. Upon reflection, we would probably never become friends with most, if not all of the people with whom we have known for many years if we had met them only a few weeks ago. Life is constantly changing and evolving, and so are we. Most people, at some point in life, have suffered rejection, failure and heartbreak. These experiences are part of the process to self-awareness and the realisation of discovering who we are, and what we are not. Rejection is the first natural sign that you were going down the wrong path with the wrong people. Take heart and have faith because it is not personal. It means there is more for you elsewhere with other people who will understand, love and appreciate you for the beautiful soul that you are. It means you have come to the end of a chapter where you were wasting your time with the wrong sorts. Accept that you have outgrown them and other situations and start living your life for yourself instead of clinging on to that which has decayed, withered and disintegrated into nothingness.

Always be thankful for experiences which make you feel uncomfortable because it is they which enable you grow and evolve spiritually, realising that you are ready for new people and exciting destinations. Everything in life is a gift and the lessons you learn now will help you at a later time. The universe will bring you what and who should be in your life for the duration of a period of time. When you are following your inner voice, doors tend to naturally open for you, even when others have slammed shut in your face. Life is designed to test the human soul. This version of you today wasn’t built overnight. There was great pain, loss and insecurities you were forced to endure along your soul journey to arrive at the level of evolvement you are at now. Never allow anyone to underestimate nor discredit you again , but more importantly, set your standards high, remain there and never stoop low to accommodate anything or anyone that could later destroy you.

If something doesn’t fit nor tick all the boxes, find something that will.

Love and light,
Linda and the Lulas xxx


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