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The Clock Has No Power Over Time

Hello Readers,

Life is a continuous flow of changes, all of them transient, some beautiful and others ephemeral. Never be afraid of going slowly, only of standing still because then you will surely decay into oblivion. Shift yourself away from the slippery ground of bad attitudes and start moving intentionally towards the sunlight. People and things will come and go because everything in this life is just for one moment in time. Nothing is permanent and in the end, everything that is born has to die.

All trauma and heartache is a personal experience. Nothing nor no one can prepare you for anything, they can only tell you their stories, but yours will always remain exclusive to you. Experiences can either destroy or be the making of you. Some people’s lives seem to flow perfectly displaying no hint of anything being wrong beneath the surface, but don’t be fooled because appearances can and are often deceiving. Not all that glitters is gold, they just want you to believe it is. There may be times when you feel hard done to and slightly raw, but there are also plenty of people who would gladly swap places with you in a heartbeat. Never underestimate your good fortune because there are silver linings everywhere. Count your blessings one by one because that gentle lull of certainty is the calm before the storm.

There are deep rooted wounds that never show physically that are more painful than anyone could possibly imagine. There are no words to describe how an emotional affliction can affect a person and influence their life. Some people are comfortable about talking openly about their feelings whilst others keep their stories hidden away. They are private and prefer it that way. Very often traumatised people feel unsafe because their past gnaws away internally keeping them awake at night and those memories alive for an eternity. They often ignore advise by refusing to seek help and remain bound to what is going on inside of them. They soon learn to hide from themselves from the rest of the world because it’s easier that way.

Nothing stays the same, it all gets crushed and broken. It all passes with time, but only the moment you’re in has any meaning. There are things that stand the test of time and there are things that are lost forever. Love is fragile and you have got to spend all your time protecting it, feeding and tending it because if you don’t, it will fade away. There are some loves that last whilst others don’t. Later there is the pain that comes after love. Life doesn’t stand still, and sometimes it doesn’t pay to look backwards because none of it can be changed. Sooner or later, every last echo fades, even the loudest thunder in the deepest valley slowly disappears. Success is transient, failure makes us diligent, but our yearning to succeed is constant.

‘The magic fades too fast

the scent of summer never lasts

the nights turn hollow and vast

but nothing remains, nothing lasts.’

Love and Light,

Linda and The Lulas xxx

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