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The Most Successful People Are The Ones That Say The Least About Themselves

Hello Readers,

True humility is not thinking less of yourself, it’s about thinking less about unimportant stuff and being considerate about others and the world around you.

There is nothing noble in trying to be more superior over others. On the highest throne in the world we still only sit on our backside and at the graveside we are all equal . It can be very tempting when we experience a little bit of success to think we are entitled to our good fortune, brilliance and success , but our fame and glory may be just a very small part of it. In truth, every successful person has received an element of help and support from outside influences at some time from trainers, mentors or investors.

A really successful and emotionally intelligent person has the knowledge and wisdom to acknowledge that fact and does not behave vulgarly by shouting and bragging about their achievements because they don’t feel the need to prove themselves. No one likes a boaster and it’s the deplorable attitude of these people that always results in arguments, jealousies and resentments. Boasters are usually the ones who never really quite made it in life and whenever they did, it would be at the expense of someone else.

Truly successful people acknowledge others for helping them reach their goals and they don’t forget their friends on the way, only users and abusers will dump and dismiss their helpers, ghost them and then walk away. Deep down we know that none of us can get very far on our own without a little help here and there and those who insist that they don’t need anyone are not being strictly truthful.

Great people walk quietly and humbly. They talk softly and gently, never inflicting pain, embarrassment or humiliation. If success is real, then it’s been achieved alongside the love and support we have received from those who believe in our talent, ability and destiny.

To share your weakness is to make yourself vulnerable and to make yourself vulnerable is to show and demonstrate your inner core strength. A great person is always willing to be little, and sometimes even a little invisible, but it’s that beautiful quality that makes them great in the eyes of others.

Love and Light,

Linda and The Lulas xxx

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